Monday, August 17, 2009

foot prints of growth

foot prints of growth
Leaving its foot prints on trunk
grows the coconut tree
making certain aid to man
to climb and claim tender coconut

The moment I look into one
the trunk explains me life
that rose stepwise
to reach high state,
leaving foot prints like the trunk
it helps someone, to
follow the taste of success
like the tender coconut – healthy drink

Following the foot steps
and grasping on the trunk
one climbs the tree with ability,
and similarly befits the life and carrier.


Kavi said...

Anything for the sweet taste of the healthy elanir !


Devika said...

Oh a poem on coconut tree...and i love elanir :)

Nice thoughts, Jeevan :)


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Awesome picture and lines! You took me back in time!

Anonymous said...

Nice poem dude :)

krystyna said...

Wow!!! Really I love this poem! Amazing pic and words, Jeevan!