Friday, August 28, 2009

One pleasant noon

It’s quite calm after we come across Barijam junction in kodaikanal, except few vehicles pass on, its more nature and we. In search of nice place to have lunch, we stopped somewhere to wonder that it was the same place we had our breakfast a decade ago. It’s a piece of grass land and green bush surrounded.

The wind blows so cold and pleasure; and we parked our vehicle beside and spread the mat. More than having lunch, it was the place that impressed me and wanted to finish lunch soon and to move few distance along the road. It was quite pleasure and I was on wheels, along the pine shrubs and eucalyptus trees for sometime. There was a pristine stream then and it still exists. But sadly it was surrounded by waste wrappers and dumped litters today.
horse on course
On the way I saw this guy training his horse by sitting on its back, riding fast and on paces in kodaikanal. The horse sounds like worn horseshoes and seems like it was on sever training by his owner and thus the horse obeys his order, bearing the whips he gives. The strike just resonates still in my sense and the sound it response to his sudden brake, like a car strikes. I just wonder, how much strain does those horses that merrily goes around the Kodai Lake, should have born to bear visitors on its back to sustain and kind being!

With less than couple of rounds, he rides away... and we get packed and moved, after sometime being relaxed.


Kavi said...

The waste is there everywhere. And that pains me immensely. I think we should be more responsible in disposing off the waste that we create as humans..

As for the horses..well, there is rebirth you see ! I wonder what they will be reborn as !

Anya said...

It sounds like a lovely day,
I am happy you are
feeling better now :)

Have a nice weekend ...

Vetrimagal said...

A cool breeze and smell of Eulcalyptus..mmm. Wish I can make a trip to K.. Jeevan ;-)

venus66 said...

Glad that you had a good time.Take care.

Devika said...

A good outing,
and a nice photo, Jeevan :)


Babli said...

Thanks for your lovely comment.
I liked your post very much. It seems that you have enjoyed the wonderful trip. Nice picture.

Sharodindu said...

Forget about waste...What you hav captured is just Wow!
Nice landscape with horse...Really great job.

cyclopseven said...

Nature is always beautiful and you did a good job here. Thanks for sharing.

flyingstars said...

lovely reading this indeed is so true today the tourist places are being littered so carelessly, it becomes a nuisance for other fellow travel...nice one!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Alas! it takes everyone's conscious effort to keep the environment clean. Glad you had a good day.

Jeevan said...

kavi – we’re slowly corroding the nature and thus we also feel so and I’m doing my best to stop corrosion from my side. well, I don’t believe in rebirth! Thanks buddy :)

Anya – Thanks dear, I feel so wonder now :)

Vetrimagal – soon make a trip and enjoy the nature’s existence :)

Venus – Thank you dear :)

Devika – Thank you :)

Babli – yes, there’re more yet to come here. Thanks and its my pleasure reading your posts.

Sharodindu – Thanks so much and glad you liked :) welcome here!

cyclopseven – Thank you and quite agree.

flyingstars – Thank you buddy. Nature should be protected from those don’t care about and just thinks about immense joy alone.

Keats – so true! conscious does much… welcome here keats.