Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Regret to those survive

For everyone death is certain and happens sometime in our lifetime, so why should we go in search of it. Life is to live until the death comes in any form and let it happen on its own, why do we need to drag in. Sometimes more than mourning, we regret for the dear ones whom gonna struggle without them and such a situation happened to one of my relative family today, because of the death of my uncle’s brother at young age, leaving alone his wife and two little children to survive. Thought they aren’t gonna left alone since they have more relatives and dear ones to take care, the space of a dad and husband can never be fill with anything. None can imagine a situation like that so easily and explaining children’s mind on missing their father is impossible, but it could be similar to Paris speech which makes tears overseas.

Being admitted to hospital for nearly a month long for ripe jaundice, in cause of liver damage and due to liquor addict, he lost his life today early morning after a daylong uncertain situation in his health and been sent off to home from hospital in no means of remedy. We aren’t long time relatives until my aunt was married to his brother and I also used to call him uncle and he do care and enquire me wherever we meet. I haven’t been practiced with him more and know what’s happening with his life through my aunt and cousins. He was married to the women he loved and have two little kids, one in age 8 and other in 5. Being addict to liquor, he faced many trouble in his personal life and have also been sent to rehabilitation center lately to get remedy from the drinking habit and as a result he comes out well in treatment to console everyone, but it never sustained and he began to catch up with drinks again.

I met him at last in an event three months ago and even that time he was in drunk. I met his children first time at the same event, those whom I have only seen in pictures until then. They are two cute kids and there mom introduced me to them as a brother, thus I’m bro to my cousins. Thinking about them now, I feel regret for their future without a father. It might not sense me more, but looking into other lives suffers without a father I could sense something great lose. What if I sense or not, who had to be sensed and thought have been failed to realize and fell into the ditch of death. I would say, he searched his death and if he was an individual it might not bothered much since it affects him alone and his dear ones for sometime, but what he had done gonna affect the dreams of three individuals.

Its hard to imagine a situation like this in my life and for these little kids who know or not what’s happening in their life, makes me worry where would they search their father in means of fear, source of love, welfare and what all struggle they go through. And this happened to a father, who loves children and not alone his own ones and generally a kind person at heart, but got ready to leave everything for the lust of liquor. Life is one’s to live and making it certain is in our mind and we’re steady even we struggle but they’re in hurry while enjoying freedom. My deep console and good wishes to there family.


Kavi said...

Its so sad. I only wish things were different for them...but this is the reality.

may God and friends like you give them strength to go from one strength to another.

Condolences to the family.

Keshi said...

Thats so very sad.

I guess every event, every chapter in life is also like that. Somehow, good things do come to an end.

Dun worry Jeevan, I'll drop by ur blog every now n then. Cos u were one of the very few friends who always kept in touch with me and one who really cared. I will never forget u.

*HUGZ* TC n God bless!

Sujata said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss Jeevan. Please accept my sincere condolences!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

This is a very sad loss indeed! My heartfelt condolences to the family!

Anonymous said...

Extremely Sorry :(

krystyna said...

It is so sad story,
I'm so sorry.

My condolences to family!

Devika said...

its sad...what else to say...God has His timing!

my condolences to the family,


Anya said...

So so sorry Jeevan :(
Very sad story :(
My condolences to your family !!
Take care .....