Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blood spit again

Continuing the scared night and life these days, from Sunday the blood happens to comes if I cough stressfully and spit. This time there is not much excess of blood, but it was thick and dark in red. Thus I’m feeling so fear and anxious about my health now.

I’m taking the same medicine doctor prescribed last time when I face such cause and when I check his clinic last night, he had just left before we arrive and I’m continuing the same medicine and today we‘re gonna visit him again. Let see what he says about my problem.

In between I searched on Google with the symptoms I go through and got to know this problem might be hemoptysis! But I’m not sure and I’m not a doctor to be right. Sometimes I get little fever and cold, and sure I will check the doctor today and get test whatever is necessary to know how comes the blood. I wish to be back normal soon and hope you all wish me too. hugs.


venus66 said...

Please consult the doctor as soon as possible. Get your X-ray and blood test done.Don't worry too much.Things will be fine.God Bless.

cyclopseven said...

I feel you need a thorough and proper check up to get a precise diagnosis of your medical problem. Don't worry much. A good and sound sleep is essential. Take care. I will pray for you.

Anya said...

Oops... Jeevan
its sounds a little scary
You must go and see a doctor !!!
I think on you ........
Do you make a update please.
Take care and don't be worry to much.

Lakshmi said...

take care..and dont stress yourself..im sure u will get well soon

tulipspeaks said...

I don't know what else I can say apart from take care, jeevan. I really hope you will take care of yourself.
Update us, please.


Kavi said...

Listen my friend, its not about making your own diagnosis. The net sometimes can send us in all directions. Sometimes completely unfounded !

I am sure you will be fine ! Check with the doc.

Priya said...

Take some good rest and you will be fine. Listen to music and blog only when you feel ok.

Devika said...


take care and get a proper testing done....All will be fine, i'll pray for you...

btw, don't do your studies with diseases...it only raises anxiety and complicate health :)


Balaji S Rajan said...


My sincere advice to you is not to search something like this on the net. After all it may not be anything at the end. Browsing with the symptoms will give lot of mental tension. The best advice is to see a Doctor and go according to his advice. Keep your mind fresh and do not worry. You will be alright.