Friday, November 06, 2009

City words

We all almost live in a city, we have long list of words to use and here we go by taking a word and expanding it by creating more words.

It’s very simple. Take a word from your city and think about the things related to it and write a list. The idea was captured from Jan’s blog and it’s very simple, but interesting. If you like, go and write your list and add in the comment. I have also added few links on the list that get u to my pictures that related to the words.

My word is ‘beach’

restless waves
golden sand
rising sun
crimson moon
beautiful sunset
variety of shells
sea foam
cool breeze
sitting platform
pretty girls
boys playing cricket
Ice crème barrow
spicy chili baji
balloon shooting
roasted corn
car parking
ticket collector
hot couples
get together
fishing boats
fishing nets
leaders statue
mounted police
skating floor
sundal and murukku
Aagaya Thamarai (beach plants)
small crabs
faraway ships light


Dawn said...

WOW! A nice way of capture. Your post reminds me - when I was visiting London the city brought all the childhood memories as Pune once used to look like that...and today you can't even imagine how much it has changed - for good and bad :)
Awesome post dear

Anonymous said...

Now this is a good one and a nice way to relive your city once again...every city changes so much over a short span of time, you can really reminisce every moment of your growing up in that city in such a nice manner...lovely reading about your Beach characteristics!

myonlyphoto said...

Javeen this is one interesting post, thanks for sharing, Anna :) PS I never been big fan of cities, love nature.

venuss66 said...

I agree with Anna.

Anya said...

Funny & interesting post Jeevan
I must think about a word ;)
Have a wonderful sunday ....