Friday, November 13, 2009

Sathanur Dam

Sathanur dam is a wonderful place situated about 30km from Thiruvannamalai. The dam is constructed on the river Pennaiyar or Ponnaiyar that flows from the Nandi Hills in Karnataka. The dam seems like one of the important source of water to irrigate thousands of acres of vast dry lands and it has a small hydro power plant to generate electric current.
Sathanur garden
I visited this dam on my trip to thiruvannamalai last month and it seems dry almost with less water in dam. There’s a beautiful garden stretched along the dam with various things to entertain like boating, mini zoo, aquarium, crocodile farm and small flower garden with fountains. It turned dark when we reached the dam and finding the route to the dam was a difficult task for us and there’re many speed brakes on this way gives a bumpy drive and until leaving the town, the road carries much damage.
Sathanur dam
At entry we pay a little amount as fee and drive on the other side of the dam until its end and back to garden. At the end of the dam we suddenly hear a very strange noise that could make one frighten. As it was like a forest area we can’t guess what animal sounds like that, but when we come down to garden we came to know it was the dogs that created that waves altogether.
Sathanur garden
The mini zoo was something invisible except one poor peacock inside a cage and two other empty cages. The lights were on and darkness around, there was many small insects on immense began to drive us from checking other sites, but one good thing was somehow I manage to click some pictures of the garden before it turned complete dark. This is second time I’m facing such insects next to Vaigai dam in Theni and they just blow on our face and try to enter our eyes, nose and mouth to much irritate.
pink flower
There were some tall trees along the road rustle to wind and few look real statues of animals and people, and notable one was the statue of mahatma on the hill above the dam. It would be a great sight to see the water flowing from the dam if there was almost water.
me and dad
The dam was constructed in 1964 and it has a capacity of 7,321 million cubic feet at 119 feet high. In late 60’s to 80’s the dam was an important shooting spot in film industries and many songs have been captured here with top heroes at lead. This is a best picnic place in thiruvannamalai and on festival days this place attracts more visitors. One can really spent a good time here and best time to visit is after monsoon when there is much water to keep fountains work.


Kavi said...

I didnt know about this place...thanks for sharing..

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Jeevan said...

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Nice to see the picture of Sathanur Dam as I have been there 4 times and liked the place very much. Very nice described with wonderful pictures. I liked your picture with Uncle, the best one.

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