Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was listening to the songs of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa these days and when first time listening to this album I was little disappointed that lyrics can’t understood and felt like something strange. For me what attract first are the lyrics more than the music in a song and so thought I should have not brought this album instead downloading, but later listening for sometime the music and short-sweet words impressed me slowly.

Even thus there’s some disappointment over lyrics and the pictures shows it’s a soft and romancing movie, the songs aren’t handful to stimulate, except the amazing music perform by A.R.Rahman. Mannipaaya… is a caress to lost souls in sorrow and love; and the four couplets from Thirukkural is ingredient to sense and I realize the familiar in these lines later listening carfuls and those are the lines quite completes.

The other two songs that impressed me a lot are Anbil Avan and Hosanna. The both has something magic wander through music and few lines; and carries some spirit to stimulate sense and love, and in all Hosanna is the solitude I listen often solely.

Hosanna – an expression of praise, is simple expressive and thus its impressive. In this western style of music, I find something soothing while it goes on rhyming and English wording. Hosanna will always be praised for this soothing expression of peace and love. Hosanna, I love you so….

Here go few lines from the song, Hosanna :

Everybody wanna know what I feel like? I feel like
I really wanna be here with you...
Its not enough to say that we are made for each other
Its love that is hosanna true.
Hosanna... Be there when you’re calling out my name Hosanna!
Meaning of my whole life has changed!
I never wanna be the same... its time we re-arrange...
I take a step. You take a step...
me ah calling out to you
hello... hosanna


அந்த நேரம் அந்தி நேரம்
கண்பார்ததுக் கந்தலாகிப்
போன நேரம்... ஏதோ ஆச்சே!
ஓ வானம் தீண்டி வந்தாச்சு!
அப்பாவின் திட்டு எல்லாம்
காற்றோடு போயே போச்சே!

என் வாசல் தாண்டிப் போனாளே
வேறொன்றும் செய்யாமலே!

நான் ஆடிப்போகிறேன்!
சுக்க நூறாகிறேன்!
அவள் போன பின்பு
எந்தன் நெஞ்சைத் தேடிப் போகிறேன்...!

ஹொசன்னா... Hosanna!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE 'MAnnipaaya' SONG!!!! :)))

V Rakesh said...

I am hooked onto Varayu...... these days ;)

Anya said...

Never heard of that song or Hosanna ;)

Have a wonderful weekend Jeevan !!!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful lyrics. Very nice.

Babli said...

Very nice post. I am hearing about this song for the first time. Thanks.