Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something about travelling and Great Hornbill

Horse Cart
If you know I’m a travel enthusiastic, travelling is my passion which I like to have often. Lately I have strong emotions to go out in seek of some remedy to my insane and it works well when I was in travelling and resting in hills. I was forced to leave home and see people as a consolation to my insane, and I am somehow comfortable now, with various moments gripping my mind and sweeping or hiding away those injurious thoughts.

Though whatever I planned hasn’t happened quite, I tried to enjoy a lot of things that came in as surprise and felt that more than expecting, enjoying the thing that comes in hand does not disappoint. It was a wonderful journey into Anaimalai hills of pollachi and sighting some rare and wild animals, forest atmosphere and pleasing weather in hill tops, while bright sunshine and farm houses and flowing canals in-between coconut groves and tea estates of valparai are few more resumes again.
Aliyar river
Except pollachi IB – the one we stayed last time also, the various places we stayed may be more or less in comfort, but has something to wonder at its structure and surrounding. The nights are embraced in moderate cold and pleasant inside, and the sustain silence makes easier in listing to birds chirping and hornbills singing. Just opposite to our bison lodge in topslip, the great hornbills have build there nests in the large number of trees and makes clear and loud vocal at night.

One afternoon, while wandering without heading to lodge, we’re glad to meet an old man, who was a guide in topslip, taking visitors into the forest by foot and in van. He was taking rest under a bus stop opposite to our lodge and we get to chat with him for sometime about the forest and animals, and thus he says that this is the time hornbill’s nest and breed chicks. So the visitors are not allowed to go inside the large clumps of trees.
Great Hornbill01
As we’re interested about the great hornbills, and liked to know something about it and he says they make unique sweet noises while flying above and makes it louder in breeding season to call the male, and later they sing in unison. The female bird builds the nests in hollows of large trees and imprisons itself with a plaster made up by feces, leaving a slit and lives until the chicks partially grow. During this time the male brings food and feed female through the slit and the chicks follow the same method and seal it again, ones the female comes out.

It was a surprising sight on the Sholayar dam - Valparai, where I saw a great hornbill for the first time, chased by crows to sit and go on by a nearby tree. First looking at its mass I thought it was a huge crane, but only seeing its long colorful curved beak I find it was a hornbill. While staring at the beauty, I went wow… at moment looking at its magnificent and being late in capture, the gorgeous was chased away by crows, but somehow I manned to click few shots that came out here.
Great Hornbill
While traveling somewhere around anaimalai, I thought are we illegal to this land and when I think back it sense me right. We just go in seek of nature and in love, but not almost realize we’re entering someone’s home and just lost our space in urban development. Many years age we have been sharing the similar amount of space and greenery, but we destroyed everything for our comfort and development and go in seek of nature which is pure and pristine left over at forest and mountains terrain. Sometimes we have to acknowledge the mistake about not controlling our desire and should always keep in mind that our existence should not disturb any nature resources, as we’re like thieves at that present and should follow the universal rule of maintaining silent and let no marks exists. We can’t keep much distance from the nature resources and it has something for every one of us to live and we also have to keep in mind that we let live the resource as it is for our future to exist. Its nature, we always crave for what we don’t have.


Priya said...

U have pretty good skill in photography. Nice shot tho' little shaky. I know for great details u need a really good slr ones. But this is neat.

Anya said...

shots from those birds :-)
You are FANTASTIC with your camera

Have a relaxing weekend !!!
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)

V Rakesh said...

Brilliant travel account! Awesome!

Chandrika Shubham said...

Beautiful hornbill is beautifully captured. :) Nice discription. :)

Babli said...

Absolutely wonderful photography. Ver nicely described about your travel. Lovely post.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful post. The snaps are simply beautiful. Do not ever think about stop travelling. Keep your passion going.

starry said...

Beautiful pictures Jeevan.thanks for sharing.

Babli said...

Wish you and your family a very Happy Holi.

Deepak Acharya said...

very beautiful pictures :)

venus66 said...

Awesome pictures.

Jeevan said...

Thanks everyone for your worth comments :)