Saturday, May 01, 2010

May the Labor Day

Labors or workers always had a great pride and place in my mind. I do see they are the great workers in this world and always deserve pride and bring profit to every one of us. Everyone does there bit of work eveny now and then, but we can’t consider it as a labor and what makes distinguish is the intension. At present the work loads have been reduced to its core at every level with the existence of machineries and new technologies, but still there’re workers work hard physically are labors.

Whatever elevation we touch with education and employment, no one can act or construct a building without labors. I have seen many labors more than those work with intelligent and I somehow know what hard work means which I lack always craved to. I don’t say hard work no needs intellect and most of them come into labor are uneducated and not well balanced in education.

I think thinking isn’t a work and everyone does it generally. But our thoughts get structure only through labors. Today many labors are sent to home frequently, because of machineries influence in large and one should not forget that those machineries are built by labors. Labors are the roots of a tree that help to grow steadfast. History says Shahjahan built the Taj Mahal, but don’t we aware there were perhaps many labors behind him to construct the monument.

One of a hard working person I admire a lot is my dear cousin brother Logesh. While doing diploma in auto mobile, he works in my uncle’s car mechanical workshop. From childhood he is very fond of vehicles and enjoys working in workshop and does whatever work we say without fail. I always believe he will stand besides me and shines in life because of his hard work and tendency.

There’s no travel or vacation without him and he’s my best company always. We do share everything and he’s very intent about me and supports me whenever I’m in need without expectation. I believe and love him next to my parents and not because he assist me every time, but just being himself and hard working. May the labors get there true price and pride for there hard work.


umi_e said...

Labour day is a public holiday ;)

Yamini Meduri said...

nice write up jeevan..!!!

its been a long time that i read you but after reading this post of yours, it feels like i read you juss yesterday..!!!

how are you friend??

Anya said...

Happy belated Labour day Jeevan.
Its a very important day !!!!
(sorry i'm late I had internet troubles :(

Have a nice day
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

Rajesh said...

Nice post.
Very true, labors seldom get their due.

V Rakesh said...

A tribute to the unseen hands and efforts behind many successes across industries!

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan.
true hard work will always give good reward.keep going.

starry said...

Nice post Jeevan honoring the labourers.what would we do without them.they are a ver important part of society together with the thinkers.

Ramyah said...

nice sincere post. Keep going :)

Sofia said...

Very nice article. Lebours are being sent home in Europian countries also. But luckly they are not given up by the gornvenments and charity organitions. They are beint helped though it is not enough.
This situations must come to Asian countries also.

Jeevan said...

Thanks everyone dear :)

Deepak Acharya said...

And on this day, I was born :)