Thursday, December 16, 2010

My expressions and experience

Sometimes I feel so happy without a reason and I think so am the happiest person in the world and I want to shout loudly with the greater trouble with multiple disability, I stress my world to lead happily. What people seems nothing cause me much concern to be happy and what people avoid as tiny are greater to me to observe highly, and if not the tiny drops, where are the rivers and oceans alike how each heartbeat is important to survive. Some people think owning gadgets mean happiness and if not a person or thing as qualified what the meaning in holding it without connectivity. Sharing is the main process of gadgets in connectivity and without sharing thoughts and feeling there’s no use of thinking and feeling with the most trendy and costly gadget in hand.

Depression is a part of everyone’s life and I too get depress often when people fought by keeping me in center the inner ability which is inability seek for a segregation to maintain peace and humble trouble to keep the train to run to not halt without diesel. Sometime my tear drops could be the answer when world asleep or wake beside unnoticing thinking my state and comfort I console myself that there are worst cases in world to troublesome to survive, am just a conscious person to exist with consensual selfishness and indeed depend on someone’s need to survive. What tenses a lot was the abnormality of human being, being unmindful or cruel to be in attitude and lack of helping mind in supporting others. It might sound like complaining that I am one among those affected by and am not going to deny which is true that none other than my parents aid me crucially and what peoples expectation are confusion except worth, money and entertainment, when they’re bored.

Sometime I just don’t want to express what’s in my mind, but certain thoughts and feeling want to tell the world what going through the inner ability of mine. It’s highly tough to explain in detail because it might sometime hurt anyone who comes into a confine situation and cause discomfort in mind and body to relax the temporary state of exist as a companion or aid circumstance. What bothers me to think was why can’t people be sustain in thoughts and feeling as same as they are like the temporary sale and being unique is not wrong and I would be humble always for those behind my exist and seriously I am spellbind by those cause to be idiot. I am quite anguish about people who only look after themselves and never think back how life has been and how often it was changed perceptively towards other and there is only a lot of selfish and tantrum to teach people about corruption. I always wish people who can’t motivate me could please stop discourage the mind I got by reading and realizing the fact who am I through a lot of experience and emotion, given by them. Thanking them all for strengthen my inner ability to sustain mentally strong and enchanting through various norms given by this life. Thank you!


Devika Jyothi said...

We are all human beings Jeevan -some are very fragile sensitive souls, some have gone though the hardest paths and forget others may not be like us...but just know Jeevan, it hurts either way...every gesture counts,

well I am grown up enough to ignore...thats what we do when children hurt us; but you need to know :)

motivate -- You need to be self-motivated in this world Jeevan...and you know that much better than me,
well i's generally not much commenting...but i always love reading your travalogues and photography :)


Devika Jyothi said...


Anya said...

Wonderful Jeevan
very very well writen !!!!!!!
Depression is a part of everyone’s life and everyone will receive that
or he wants or not :(
Hugs for you

Rakesh Vanamali said...

To feel happy without reason is undoubtedly the best form of happiness - and also something that all of us should aim at achieving!

Devika Jyothi said...

Rakesh, that's one reason that beautiful boys and girls go after drugs...happiness for no reason :)

Happiness in life comes for a reason...if you feel happy and can't find a reason, it could be because you are contented....and if you'r contended always, there's no urge or motivation to do anything -- and then the happiness too wanes, rt? :)

Jeevan -- just a little oil in the fire, with your permission :))


cyclopseven said...

True happiness is a blissful sleep. Inexplicable and rare to come by. Nice write.

myonlyphoto said...

Jeevan another great post. Happiness can be contiguous, and I rather stay on the happy side no matter what. Life is too short to be depressed and dwell on the past or bad things. Thank you for the inspiration. And in addition thank you for all your lovely visits to my blogs, they are always appreciated. Wishing you and your family happy holiday season, let it be filled with love, peace, and lots of happiness. Let it be also a healthy one too all year long.

Take care and I guess I will see you around next year.

Anna :)