Monday, January 31, 2011

127 Hours

The time rolls on his wrist and any cost or effort couldn’t move the boulder to save him along the trapped wrist among the walls of Utah’s Canyon. The Jai Ho feel of enthusiasm leads the story of a real life mountain climbing hero Aron Ralston’s struggle with the incident and how he saves himself by cutting his wrist at last to survive was portrayed well by James Franco!
The dramatic screenplay disclose the hero as a fun loving and careless among the mountain climbing and how he treat the girls with an exciting slide into the hidden pool was amazing and cause a sense what gonna be next. As we expect there weren’t many adventures to follow and the way camera expose the canyon and man trapped with boulder looks awe… and the crossing jets across the blue sky were added fabulous.

The man not alone trapped he tapes the intense struggle and reload the collected videos taken with friends and girlfriend by recalling his childhood days with canyon and handy cam sustain the movie with sentiments despite realizing his ignore for not being informed. What’s entertaining was his funnier way of recoding his trap as a reporting news journal and the flashflood releasing him from the boulder which seems very true yet good dream.

Crashing his bones and cut through arm was something despite somehow disgust but it cause a great relief as if we had trapped with a boulder and James Franco’s expression to each part was obvious but quite not serious and thus it exuberates. The cousin who was giving me company wasn’t sure interested about the movie and just being called he sits beside me to watch.

One thing that tempting the movie was A.R.Rahman’s music and he again proves to be jubilant and somewhere in silence I were searing for his thrum and thus was his back ground score, but somewhere I felt the initial tunes of Raavanan’s Usure poguthe… which somewhat inspired him to recreate a album recently. It won’t wonder if the movie wins Academy because of its fabulous visuals and portraying a peculiar character despite moved by debut score… but somehow I enjoyed the team’s previous movie Slumdog Millionaire!


V Rakesh said...

I need to watch this!

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

i have loved this movie. and ARR is GOD.

Hope u r doing good, dear jeevan. :)

Ash said...

Sounds interesting. Much check it out!

Anna said...

Jeevan excellent review again. Since I don't get to see any movies, nor I don't get to watch a lot of TV, this is nice reading. Anna :)

127 Hours said...

Great Review... I agree that the music made all the difference, but I think James Franco did an amazing job too. Why he didn't win the oscar is beyond me!