Friday, March 18, 2011

Bird watch, Olive Island

The other day went out with a friend along with parents and it wasn’t a destination based but just a wander across ECR (east coast road) and to find a decent place for our lunch out, which is our second time to go outing together. We come across the backwater off Kovalam and glad to see a bunch of sea birds flying so close and catching fishes and flapping frequently around the area in search of.
Sea birds
I tried by best to capture the birds that were closely come to fly and landing on water and it is the first time I see seabirds, which I later come to known as Black Headed Gull. Since water stagnant was less, the salt pan has set path for storing salts and a little black cormorant stretched leisurely her wings to put dry in the air and it was a pretty scene to see it stretched for long.
Sea bird
After relaxing a while and chitchat for long after our lunch break in one of the casuarinas groves off ECR, we stop for a route to the olive Island which is in one of my wish list to check that always attract me every time I come across the Muttukadu. I had took various attempts to find route for this Island but at last get to check it with the help of the friend who encouraged me to try a private gateway that lead to a resort which is under construction.

I never know before until check the island that it has been in active sometime ago before a couple of constructions took place, including an underdeveloped Olive Island resort. There are evidence of a rundown fisheries farm in the island and remaining pans still alive with the growth of prawns and for collecting clams, which we aware through a bunch of guys loading there sacks of clams and few have already set to fire the clam curry on spot.
Olive Island off ECR
The island wasn’t much pretty as I expected to be seeing from away, with a row of coconut trees and lagoons in solitary attitude. I felt it was too late to land there after certain space of it was brought into a private resort and the road where narrow with a small shutter to exit in or out water due to high-low attitude.

With a confine sate we drive home after purchasing few rose plants from a nursery to replace the dead ones, which no more withstand more than 6 months and already one had gone in them and remaining ones are ready to bloom out of bud! The friend whom joined with us is none than Karthik’s Mom, who gave birth to a beautiful mind and brilliant brain and who’s our family friend for some time now and hopefully being a caring mother forever.
Nursery roses


V Rakesh said...

Like I said before, your posts are a treat to the eye and beyond!

Eden said...

Great captures of the bird in flight. It looks like it is a beautiful place.

Have a great weekend, Jeevan!

Kavi said...

These birds are such awesome creatures. To be able to fly at will and hover over man and his attempts at flight..!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful post with beautiful images. The second shots of the bird is great.

Babli said...

Nice to visit your blog after a long time. Very beautiful pictures with lovely description.
Wish you and your family a very Happy Holi.

Anya said...

Wonderful shots Jeevan
cool ..... :-)

Aarti said...

Wow, need to visit this place! how far on the ECR? any landmarks?

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
I [ Karthik mom ] enjoy every minute being with you.When ever you feel happy, I feel a great consolation.
Next time we will take senthil's camera to more beautiful places and enjoy your photography.
karthik mom