Saturday, March 05, 2011

ஏணி / Ladder

ஏறி வந்த ஏணியை எட்டி உதைக்காதே
இன்னும் பலர் ஏறவேண்டி இருக்கு

ஏணியை நீ கொண்டு வந்தாயோ, இல்லை
எவனோ விட்டு சென்றதில் ஏறினாயோ
ஏற்றம் ஒன்றுதான்.

ஏறும்போது தன்னடக்கம், தலைகுனிந்து;
பின் ஏறிய பிறகு தலைக்கனம் எதற்கு?
இன்னும் படிகள் இருக்கு ஏறுவதற்கு
விழுந்து விடாதே, தலை-கனத்து!

Don’t kick the ladder u climbed on
there are more to climb on
because of you.

Whether u brought the ladder or
you climbed on someone had left
though mount is one.

While climbing its humble, heads down;
then y haughtiness after u climbed?
There are still steps to climb
don’t fall, in head weight!

p.s. I wrote this poem while thinking about how people become haughty after reaching certain stages in life. It hurt to see how people change their attitude like a status message in messenger and publicizing themselves as if they have achieved sophisticated and forgetting the path they have traveled this distance and touched the attitude as if they gaining everything on their own and at a moment experience.

Could people become that much selfish to even forget their little past that cause their present and gonna be reflecting in their future and how can they simple deny and act like nothing had happen in the past and everything happened because of their quite exhaust. Too much to say about, but no mind to share about anything that exhaust like someone who finish off everything at a moment and relax while being comfort.


Devika said...

who became haughty, with you, dear Jeevan :)

it could be just your to them, you will still know people are just the same -- there might as well be other reasons,

i see that you get insecure/anxious about the way others dear Jeevan, that's one area you must leave, if you want to be happy and comfortable...leave others in their pretty heaven they climb or hell they's their business...if they seek your help, help them, my dear little brother :)


Thendral said...

Its always true. Many people are this kind...

Devika said...

btw, you really think life is a "climb the ladder" business?...for me it took a few good years (long past) to know that it was something like walking down a valley...seen "the end" sign a few times in between too!:)


Jeevan said...

Dear devika. Yes you are right, that’s none of my business but when things bother me I have to response right? This is something haunting me personally and I don’t like to be obvious in this matter since I don’t like entering into someone’s life, but the behaving of them get me aggressive. I can’t avoid those things which threaten my comfort and peace which is followed by happiness.

I don’t go deeper in to this matter of haughty and also can’t be blind eye… and as u said to talk to them, I wonder will that person listen to me to understand who thinks to know everything and whatever has been done right. There are people incredible unusual related to nature behavior and it’s really hard to understand those who lose their conscious.

Really I don’t believe climbing the ladder is alone life, sliding is also fun! I avoid certain things that disturb my peace, comfort and happiness… but still things haunt me really disturbs and I am controlling myself as much I can and the other side mind says that expressing is also somehow resolve than solving.

Jeevan said...

Thanks for sharing devika and sure I will learn things to resolve myself with the help of u all on behalf.

Devika said...

my dear Jeevan...if you write a public note of it, you will have people like me responding and will that solve the matter? :)

generally I am not one who responds to venting on blogs, except when somone seems genuinely serious with the emotion,

btw, You said sliding on a ladder is fun? I am afraid it's not...may be a slide was a fun ride when we were children; down a ladder may not be that easy :)

life is no dun all the way for anyone, Jeevan...we all have been throught it all, and the scene is much better when we resolve ourselves...ofcourse, we might need help in real life,


Devika said...

** life is no "fun" all the way for anyone, Jeevan.....


Jeevan said...

Don’t sharing cause anything? Sorry, I made a mistake here than saying, it comfort somehow when sharing our uneasiness. Sure it not going to solve a matter u all doesn’t know.

I don’t think like u were here just to comment generally and I take u r comment truly which teach me something to consider and understand. Really I am not in mind to say sliding on ladder… it was suppose to say just for fun and fun is not alone life but a part of it. Right :)

Devika said...

ofcourse venting it out is a way Jeevan...for the self...but may be i was on different level when I said it looks better when we resolve ourselves...

we all have our individual choices; individual ways of looking at things...our freedom to change the way we look at things as time moves on...yes, a part of life; fun is a byproduct...should not be the aim of life...that's my thinking :)


Devika said...

fun is a "fun" I meant happiness too :)

hmmm, now thats too much of a lecture today...set all anxious thoughts aside, relax and have a good day, Jeevan :)


Priya said...

Every step of it is a branch which makes that person feel to go for it. Its all in the mind how people behave. Some can be in attitude, money, power so on. One day everybody looks back from where they reached unless if that person never wanna show this world who he/she is.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful thought provoking poem. Sadly this is the reality.

Pavs said...

Hi... I just happened to stumble upon ur blog.. Liked ur posts.. well written.

V Rakesh said...

Very well written - mindful of the need to be virtuous and grateful in life!

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Well said Jeevan..! Thanks for penning nice thoughts.. My wishes.

Jeevan said...

• Thanks for your visit and comment Tendral

• Of course I agree with you on fun Devika, fun is a part and not the only inherent left for life i know. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I just too liked this way of define post :)

• Very true and I liked the way u see people feel for, Priya. There’s no history without a late to describe the person or thing and one have to look back for the rest of their life when things comes to conclude and while at leisure .

• Thanks Rajesh and just being respond.

• Thanks for the visit Pavs. You are most welcome

• Thank you Rakesh!

• Thanks Ravi for extending your support :)

eden said...

You write well, Jeevan! I always enjoyed reading your post.

Thank you for always visiting my two blogs and leaving nice comments. Greatly appreciated.