Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post poll occupation

Avoiding the morning hour’s rush and crowd to stand in line, we decide to poll our right in the state election afternoon and it was my second time to vote after parliament election and it was lacking crowd when we reached the polling booth. There’s a rule that vehicles should not allowed within 200 meters of polling booth, but for me they give excuse to land near the entrance of the govt. school to then move in wheels into the allotted room for our area voters.

We moved five years ago from the area in Adyar to Thiruvanmiyur and our voting continue from our former native residential address and there no need a change since both areas come into one constituency and only the ward council is different. After completing the simple formalities of proving we are and let ink on finger, I enter the booth and pressed the blue button on EVM. It’s wonderful and content feel that I did my basic right and thus the chance provide by democracy and prior given to us as being special.

We moved out of the booth to know it’s an hour to go for evening and unwilling to go home we decide to roam around and went to our home in Adyar and to a café in Besant Nagar to have bonda and coffee. The cousin who is spending his vacation with me want to know to whom I voted and he keep on urge me with same question and not alone he many ask me at certain after return from polling but I managed by smiling saying myself why should I say even I don’t fear to say.

I don’t know what is there for them to do by knowing to whom did I vote and it’s none of their business and right to ask question, though they are open about their poll on vote there isn’t that I should be. I hate this questions and contempt people who haven’t vote saying that no one is correct and who would vote at. It feels stupidity to see when the vote percentage is at high unlike ever there are people still avoid voting and make their vote insignificant. In Chennai, the vote percentage is 60 and coming second, at least, made me wonder where gone the 40% avoiding those out of city on various reason.

I wonder what doing the election commission which has applied strict restrictions unlike ever when the media persons go and surround the polling booth when celebrates or a VIP is poll a vote. Is it the propriety? Don’t the media guys have a sense, how secure is ones vote should be and aren’t there act disturb and disclose their private decision. I also contemn the behavior of some actors, who wanted to poll directly without standing on the line and whoever could be them, everyone is equal while voting except they aren’t special person and elders who can’t stand long to get prior.
Cute movement
A cute candid shot that turn motion blur…
The talk on poll also continue as we visit the beach in evening, the grandparents joins us later got to chat more on election and being pubic holiday there was unusual crowd in beach which look unlike a weekday. I love taking my grandparents out since they always stay at home, the beach platform provide a better pathway for my grandpa to take leisure walk. It was lovable to see kids take over our sight in there pretty action and movement, one was striking a ball with plastic bat thrown by his father and another kid was very cute come after to take cool breeze in baby trolley was much smiling at me, may be attracted by my wheels. It was wonderful moment I would cheer every time to come and sit for such chitchat and relaxation that quite clam and bring please to mind.


V Rakesh said...

Good to know that you voted! Now, the waiting game begins and May 14 will say it all!

Devika said...

never read a such a pleasing account of a poll day -- nice read, Jeevan :)

and nice photos in the previous posts :)


Eden said...

Great post. Same here Jeevan, I don't like when someone ask me whom I voted and I never ask the same question.I consider it too personal and I respect one's opinion.

Have a great weekend.

Rajesh said...

Irrespective of results of the poll, it is very important to exercise our fundamental rights.

Kavi said...

Congratulations on voting. Lets see who comes to power !