Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hanging... stay away

The 12 days hunger strike by Anna Hazare, supporting a strong Lokpal bill against corruption in India has ended on Sunday as partially successful since parliament accepts his plea has brought a lot of hope on public union. The hunger strike which reflected across the country has witnessed an enormous support ever from public for a common cause has shown the people power to authorities that whatever we are differ individually in thoughts on erasing corruption has an overwhelming support even if it’s a single step to the miles to go destination.
Following the nationwide strike against the corruption has induced the Tamils in Tamil Nadu who were already in sense of combat against the hanging to death of 3 Tamilans on conspire to assassinate former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan has been constantly resonant though media since there mercy appeal been rejected by President of India requesting to relieve them from hanging to death which commanded to September 9th.

Whether they are innocent or criminals that up to law and evidence, sent to imprison in order to hang to death on penalty has stretched 20 years of imprisonment by now has been the cause to go strong against supporting there death. I think perhaps as soon the order by court could had put them to hang couldn’t have erupted this much struggle, but wanna putting them to hang after 20 years of imprisonment is contempt to court and order and as per conscience there couldn’t be any cruel punishment than imprisoned what hanging could do than just taking a life.

For me there couldn’t be a worst or best punishment than one realizing their fault, once they realized its hell every minute on earth. I wish there shouldn’t be sentence to death anywhere in this world, and if there, there couldn’t be a difference between us and terrorist… how can us, knowing the preciousness of life and government in response to save as savior is ready to kill someone in name of punishment. One could think if there isn’t a fear of death, won’t the crime rate increase… but I believe one who experienced the imprisonment life within a prison would not like to go back or seldom involve in crime.

In addition, the prison should not alone be a cell of imposing penalty but also should be a campus of educating conscience and treat with wisdom. As a solace to the grievance, the Madras High Court has stayed the death penalty imposed on the three Tamils for eight weeks from today, and the TN State Assemble has also took a decision to recommend the president to reduce their penalty.


venus66 said...

A very good write.

I am with this. Well said.

"The prison should not alone be a cell of imposing penalty but also should be a campus of educating conscience and treat with wisdom."

Jyoti Mishra said...

i agree with your points
Realizing once fault is noblest deed

Nice read !!!

Kalyan said...

Even I agree rather than hanging and taking away life forcefully, a life sentence till death is much better, so that the guilty can themselves feel the grave mistake they have made and perhaps even attempt for a corrective way of life.

eden said...

Great post.
I agree with you that prison should not alone be a cell of imposing penalty but also should be a campus of education conscience and treat with wisdom.

How I wish too that there shouldn't be death penalty around the world.

kalaiselvisblog said...

Nice post buddy...

U r exactly right...

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