Friday, October 14, 2011

Chaos at signal

All know red is to stop, yellow is to get ready and green to go… then y do vroom at signal even there’s red light on and jerk inch by inch across the stop line as disturbing the passing vehicle. At every junction and cross cut there’s a signal these days and passing through this is impossible without patience and we should really appreciate the drivers for this… then y this impatient while waiting for green signal.
Red signal
The other day we were waiting at a signal and dad took the car before green light fall… I asked him to wait and questioned y so urgent and he said the traffic police told to go. I was watching the signal and countdown like others and not the traffic police standing at some corner who indicated dad to go.

I just though am it right to go when there’s red signal so as traffic police told to go and doesn’t it cause a chaos if the drivers didn’t see the traffic police standing somewhere indicating to go, whether to follow the vehicles or not that moves before signal fall. For someone who quite follows the rule will never go easy with red light on, unless he notice the traffic police give green signal by hand… but there’s still hesitate among other who did not meet with traffic police.

It’s like the signals are for only private vehicles and except some govt. government buses all skips the red signal or standing partial ahead the road like blocking the way of other vehicle that yet to cross. Once we would have crashed by a public bus, which denied stopping at red signal, we escaped in inches gap. Some vehicle in hurry pump horn from behind to move even there’s red signal is still on and this is quite despite, and for their hurry it is not right urging others to move ahead apart fine, going against rule and despite mind.


Kalyan said...

Well that's the irony of our modern day lives, where we have become so impatient that we forget the same rules that we break may lead to us someday...To me I do believe there is an urgent need to revamp the entire traffic management system, but somewhere we ourselves should also have to be blamed who love breaking traffic rules whether as a pedestrian or when we are behind the steering. I have seen in many Asian countries even, there is no traffic police at signals or roads as such managing traffic but the self-aware citizens follow every traffic rule and stop at red-signals themeselves even though their is no traffic police.

Rakesh Vanamali said... truth for a lot of folks theres nothing called a signal!

kalaiselvisblog said...

well said Jeevan.. dis is what happening nowadays...

when hearing abot abroad countries & their rules & people r following it obediently.... iam wondering when our place will be like them.... with a great sigh...

eden said...

Here, Jeevan, we have traffic lights and signs to follow on the road with no policemen but there are still a few people who break the rules. that's why we are always very careful. Some traffic lights here has camera too so if you break the rules, you will be caught.

Eden said...

Hi, Jeevan!

It's me again. Thank you so much for the nice comments. Have a good Sunday to you.

Jyoti Mishra said...

Signals means nothing to many people... :D
Its absurd !!

Jeevan said...

Kalyan – absolutely right buddy, self-realization is very important even bringing any change or enforcement in rule, the people need a mind set to follow. We also in need to bring a control in increasing vehicle population and there was a time traffic rules were followed strictly even before fine a lot. As u said, the patience has gone lost.

Rakesh – So true!

Kalai – It’s a dream of many in India to see our country look alike foreign… but its all in our hands and I don’t believe it is easy until everyone realize there response.

Eden – even here some important traffic signals has camera… and people who skip rules are caught by court summon .but compare to Aus. Breaking the rule is higher here.

Jyoti – yep :)

Rajesh said...

Very right Signals and police working in different direction will lead to choas.