Thursday, October 06, 2011

Weapons festival at uncle's workshop

We had a good celebration at my uncle’s workshop yesterday due to ayudha puja, I get to meet some of the old employs with whom once I was very familiar and had brotherhood relationship and get together at other hand with family was nice except kid annoyance. I liked watching the preparation of the festival towards the worshiping and distribution of puffed rice bags to works, customers and neighbours along with sweets and fruits.

Ayudha puja is a day dedicated to worshiping or taking care of weapons, tools and anything on motion which help us in making life easy and comfort. Like how livestock for farmers, its weapons, tools and machines for labours and employs and civilians who involve in hard work and without these utensils it’s very hard to work with bare hands.

I am attending the ayudha puja celebration at uncle’s workshop after three years now, which was once my favourite festival time spent along with workers and having fun by watching or at least involving in cleaning, painting and decorations. It was something more than a decade old memories I couldn’t avoid this moment and sat to wheels while watching things happening around and the latter joys were missing a lot quite this time.

Since lost my great uncle a decade ago, who begin this workshop and illuminated our lives equal to great sunlight, we lose the complete charm of the festival celebrated at everyone’s great amusement. He never denied offering to anyone in need and on the occasion of Ayudha puja the workshop will be crowded with well-knows and even strangers come and collect puffed rice bags and employs will get their one month salary as bonus along with a set of new dresses.

I don’t know even we celebrated Pongan or Deepavali this way in grand and happy mood, but Ayudha puja is very special to us to look after then and growing up adjacent to car workshop we always stay in workshop playing with uncles and annas (brothers) who work there. When I think back now, I feel glad to be at least I enjoyed my childhood with good hearted people who were very helpful in my life and I am always be thankful to those guys who I really wish to meet and let know what they are doing. I convey my great wishes and regards to them always at heart.

Following last 3 years after great grandmother’s death, the Ayudha puja comes down to simple celebration and this year the decorations of colour papers and festoons are missing. Aunt prepared sundal, vada and along with sweets and puffed rice the festival illuminates to camphor fire toward worshiping and break down of pumpkin and coconut and lemons under car wheels.

Ps. this time I couldn’t take any photos, so sharing pics from the last time I attend the festival.


Lakshmi said...

happy vijaydasami and dussera Jeevan

eden said...

Thank you for sharing information about this festival. We don't have it in the Phils and it is always nice to know other country's tradition.
Your great uncle was a very generous man.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

yes, Pooja is a very important occasion for India.

Kalyan said...

Hope you had a great time celebrating ayudha wishes to you and your family this festive season.

Eden said...

Hi, Jeevan!

Just dropping by. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

nice title...

kalaiselvisblog said...

thanks 4 sharing such nice things buddy...

Ponniyinselvan said...

festivals always give a chance to a get together and some refreshment.
anyhow, it's completely and extremely tough to forget the dearest ones .

Jeevan said...

Lakshmi – Hope u had good celebration too.

Eden – Glad I could let u know this festival and thanks for u r nice words on my uncle :)

Rakesh – of course... for a lot

Kalyan – Yes, we had buddy :)

Krishna – Thank you

Kalai – Thank you too :)

Ponniyinselvan – can’t agree anymore !