Monday, October 17, 2011

Local body election... and things need to think

I skipped from voting at the local body election held today across the state and I don’t have any specific reason from voting and couldn’t see anything inspiring to cast my vote, since all parties standing on their own everyone crunches the same flour repeatedly. I couldn’t see anything innovative or prudent to bring change from the usual chorus singed by everyone to draw good roads, put street lights everywhere, cleaning garbage’s immediately and free from litters and block in sewage.
I don’t know about other places except Chennai Corporation, is this the pattern continues everywhere and I just want to ask those in the power for last 5 years, what have u been doing these days without correcting these and u only need a chance now to do these. I read couple of bit notices given by parties as manifesto at doorstep are indifferent to each other and I agree these are common problem that needs continues maintenance and these aren’t enough we are expecting.

The government and candidates themselves should first aware about their circuit and for this one needn’t to be a party supported or political experience and anyone from the local division could bring changes by realizing the need. Now the Chennai Corporation has expanded from 155 circuits to 200 by adding suburbs, but no one have ever talked anything about the Pallikaranai marshland that comes into the corporation which it uses as a dumping ground of collected garbage in the city is brimming to lose its habitant quite.

I wonder when we are going to understand the need of water quite without which nothing survives in this world. Have heard of rivers, lakes and reservoir being dried, but a place that never dries are the marshland and I haven’t seen it in a condition before and it’s the only place near Chennai to have freshwater always at nature state. Environment experts kept emphasis the need to preserve this place never fell at those ears of government as well as the Chennai Corporation which kept dumping like deaf and numb.
Pallikaranai marshland (click pic to enlarge)
Next to Vedanthangal bird sanctuary, one can watch for various birds and cranes at Pallikaranai marshland and so was its lavishing vegetation and aquatic, and being near to Chennai and now a part of it, no one raises there voice to protect this priceless wealth. The marshland plays a significant role in restoring the groundwater to its previous stage or maintains its ability to use when sodium and iron ore are emerging into the groundwater which unfits to use unless using filters to desalination process.

Another thing that needs to consider was regulating the share autos, which has its own rule to stop anywhere and drive irregularly into the traffic and threatening accident and life damage. The share autos had changed the way of people traveling to nearby distance and people chose this as they can hire it from anywhere they stand and go to places at minimum Rs.5 without walking much. I really think we need to bring a change in this format and alike bus stand, we need share auto stands to avoid the difficulties they provide to other by standing wherever they like.

Traffic has become a universal problem these days as almost cities breathe hard among the vehicle population; seem never to change better than going worst of increasing vehicle every day and Chennai isn’t exception in anyway. With large amount of cars, roads become less space for pedestrians to walk and bicycles to ride, the platform put for pedestrians are occupied by mobile vendors and in name of traffic regulation, the vehicles are diverted to go around reaching their place at less mileage and lack of efficient.

Looks like my mind is also taking diversion from the point of this post... and to say there’s a lot to look at and the intention has to change to see beyond the usual said now and then. I feel guilty for not doing my right of voting and writing this post here. Hope something will done for better living!


ashok said...

i agree...

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Good thoughts here. I quite agree!

Anna said...

Jeevan thanks for sharing. We had voting in our province just at the beginning of month. Overall I was disappointed with the party I voted for, but they were still better choice. Unfortunately, they did not win, but we got the minority government.

Hope you are doing well.

Anna :)

Rajesh said...

Sadly all parties are same. They have only one goal to make maximum mulla when in power.

Eden said...

When I was in college, i skipped from voting too because I didn't feel inspiring with the candidates.

Nice post.

Victoryperfect said...

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