Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to future

Each step forward
takes aback
like the backup
that store current
to use further.

The future we seek
sought aback
the rushing life
buries aground
to reserve again.

In science
scientists seek aback
the world exists
where mighty research
waiting apace.

The infinite space
sails aback
the entire cosmic
where research
might hold endless.

The development
is laid back
on the destruction
where organisms
build on skyscrapers.


Wrote this afternoon while listening to twittering birds and thinking aback where future lies. I think there's nothing to create wonder than giving back what we take from here. Every development and technology is build for us not to destroy our sources and relationships, but easer our everyday life and bring equal opportunity to everyone to experience the life and resource spread everywhere.


Ponniyinselvan said...

Hummm !!!!!
POET, great.go on.write more and more.

LadyFi said...

Lovely writing!

Life is for living forward.

George said...

Thanks for the beautiful (and wise) words of this post.

Anna L R said...

Jeevan you should be philosopher. Well said and love your poem. Anna :)

Vetrimagal said...

Yes, what we take we have to give back. And not destroy.
We only have to create without disturbing the ecological balance.
wonderful thoughts Jeevan.

By the way, did you read my blog about diabetes and meter reading? ( you might have). If not , please read and let me know your thought.
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I will post further developments soon.
Thanks Jeevan.

ashok said...

nice to see you try different themes in poetry

Rohit said...

you have stated a stark reality friend!Development/materialism/science is making us loose our own very selves..beautiful opening line,each step forward is taking us one step back!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful lines


Jeevan said...

Thank you all for your encouragement and support. It is my inspiration me to write more on... Keep visiting and sharing :)

venus66 said...

This is nice. Something very different from you.Write more.
Thank you.

Kalyan said...

Indeed science evolved from the needs of human beings to sustain themselves, so as to make life as much easier and possible. Science has enriched our lives today in almost every possible way and still going on with technology evolving almost every moment and speeds striving to touch the speed of light....lovely lines & a beautifully crafted poem!