Friday, February 24, 2012

Flying disgrace

It’s a second incident within a week where disabled persons handled harshly by the airlines and pilot in India. First it was Jeeja Ghost; a 42 year old Cerebral Palsy was offloaded from a Spice Jet flight since the pilot felt she’s unfit to fly and now Anjlee Agarwal suffering from Muscular Dystrophy is forced to sign an indemnity bond to fly.

Both the women are not just disabled folded inside four walls; each work for a source towards society and achievers themselves with their inner ability and successful at work against the war disability. Jeeja Ghosh is a teacher at Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy and as a student did her postgraduate in UK, staying along and traveling overseas many times to never suffer like this before.

In the case of Agarwal it’s not just sign an indemnity bond but the worst came as denying aisle chair to de-board, was insisted by the supervisor to take bodily lifted by four male loaders claiming that Raipur airport doesn’t have aisle chairs. What a disgust and ill-treated by the supervisor who threatened her to agree bodily lifted or will be sent back to Delhi where she boarded.

Ms. Agarwal is an executive director and asses consultant with Samarthyam, National Centre for Accessible Environments. After fight for 35 minutes accusing her of not requesting a wheel chair while booking tickets which she denied completely and thus realizing that Agarwal is not ready to give up, a Jet Airways aisle chair is brought to de-board her literally.

What a disgrace indeed denying the differently able, instead assisting and make sure they are comfort… it quite reveals the mindset of some never grown to understand how to treat others with self-respect and having a heart for those travel on their reliance. De-boarding once on-board is an insult no one can digest easily and bodily lifting a woman by four male is an abuse unless the women agrees… This should never left to free to follow again and a punishment or compensation is needed to avoid further disappointment bore to travelers alike(differently able).


monu said...

Yes.. this is very sad.. we must be more disabled friendly.

It has a lot to do with our attitude of not treating all people as equal with equal rights as human beings... it shows in the way we treat anyone in a lesser capacity than us... and this must change

George said...

These are two very sad incidents. Every effort should be made to enable people with disabilities to fly (and do other things) with dignity and comfort. There is no excuse for the way these two women were treated.

sm said...

this happens now and then

Shreya said...

Oh this post really brings a sad feeling, I wish this could change.

venus66 said...

This is really bad.Should treat everyone equally. Hope things will change for good.

Rajesh said...

This is disgusting. No respect for other people life.