Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kid’s behavior and value of lessons

Children are used to compare with divines who mean to be pure, innocent, harmless, and genuine... but few incidents happening in society quite rear at shock and something exists at western schools is at last here. Two days ago a 15 years-old student killed his school teacher fiercely with a knife within the class in Chennai has shook everyone at nook and corners of the city and country.

What the kid done is obviously condemnable and unforgivable, but consciously he’s not quite culprit and what disgusted him to take the knife is need to be revealed… obviously and rather himself admitted why he was ferocious on the teacher who made remarks on his report card and threatened to fail him. We all know it’s a common thing all teachers do to make student learn better and score good marks, but sometimes students who can’t come out of emotions end up with negative thoughts of one killing themselves or seldom dare to attempt on others.

I’m not appreciating his boldness and its quite contempt that no one should ever be stimulated by such daring thought and its astonishing how his little mind captured such cruel to kill someone. Once there used to be classes on moral science where they teach us valuable lessons on life and personal development and realization are indeed missing now, and instead computer science and mark oriented subjects took prior to keep away the taught on goodness and behavior.

Once there were great respect and equal fear were kept on teachers, and children who doesn’t obey to parents will be obedient to teachers and not that they are different now, but children are growing fast unsteadily expose to television, internet and movies are rather to any kind of activities and behavior. Parents too are forcing their children to get more marks and rank, and comparison is the worst tool they always take in hand to measure their child with other children and however their behavior are want them to place in higher order.

I’m no more to say education has become business and parents want their children to be an investment to gain profit later. Media’s influence is a lot these days on children, where they remember the rhymes are not well like memorizing the film songs… I hear from my neighboring kids while they play sing the infamous Kolaveri Di (killer rage) and Evan Di Unna Pethan... Kaila Kadaicha Sethan (Who’s your father... will be killed if caught in hand) kind of rubbish songs with killer rage lyrics has captured their attention a lot and thus applied by the kid today on his respected teacher.

In the kind of knowledge, learning, playful, disobedient and worst behaviors are rising even on children and double the latter generation needs a proper guidance by teachers as well as parents to negotiate their difficulties, disagreement and emotions. Foremost the kids are unlike before, and they have a tendency to learn and earn soon has lack of behavior and irresponsible towards elders as they think know everything but incompletely... and not all kids are under this category.


ev said...

i agree..thanks for sharing.

George said...

I taught for nearly 35 years and enjoyed my experiences, but I'm not sure I could teach now. It seems to me that we (at least in the U. S.) are depriving children of their childhood, and they grow up entirely too soon from what they see in movies, television and the internet. There is a complete lack of respect for others in modern society.

I'm sorry some of our problems have reached your country. Thank you, though, for a thoughtful post.

Rajesh said...

Yes, education has become business. Parents try to give best education to kids not as investment, but they not want them to suffer when they grew up by missing on good education and values.

Ponniyinselvan said...

the parents are to be blamed.They do not spare due time to their children.Most moms are serial addicts.Their feminism has reached an extent that they do not want to become old.They reject their valuable,happiest, prestigious motherhood.Instead they want to celebrate their womanhood.Look at the T.V programs.All women even at the age of 40 & 50 want to dance, sing and enjoy their personal life. Once mothers become mothers all the evils will be eradicated.
As a teacher, I have observed that kids are no more kids. At a very young age they learn all evils and do things which we would have shuddered to even think of.
And the media, ohhh,why these ladies dance half may be 90% naked.This is another social root cause for all women related problems.
But cry ,shout however louder ,nobody is going to realize or change for the better.

Anonymous said...

i agree...


Vetrimagal said...

Hi Jeevan,

Good thoughtful words.

Yes, once teachers also used to care for students with love and affection. They knew the parents and took care that the student was guided properly.They took interest in the student's future too.

Where are such teachers now, where do they have the time? In this age of goal setting and rush, human values take a back seat. Education is business now, Parents have to take a proper care, else, face the consequences.

Let us spread the word and make parents take care of their children in a positive way.

Jeevan said...

Thank you so much for all your valuable thoughts and suggestion as comment. I agree with all your point of view and of course parents want them to give children the best education to face the challenges in future... but i personally feel they are not giving much important to their behavior unlike supporting their knowledge and marks. Parenting is not a easy thing and the real challenge is bringing them so good socially and interior.

geeth said...

Great thoughts. I totally agree with you. Children today have a whole new environment, compared to when we were growing up.

Realizing it (being afraid of the influence), I try very hard myself to make sure my boys are brought up with a culture that revolves family bond and respect to all mankind.

I believe it is the responsibility of parents to outline the good and bad for their children. Having done that, the kids will be able to set apart the right or wrong by themselves.. and thus, there is no need to worry of this century's wild exposure.

Each parent should also understand the capabilities of a child and not put pressure on them. Each child is different.. even within the same family.

Most importantly, I think each parent should try to be a friend to their child.. I hope I will pass off as my sons best friend... as they become teenagers.. and young men.

Kalyan said...

Indeed the days are gone when teachers would be more than their parents for the students. Its all a business now and the teaching profession not so much noble as before. Now its all like a regular job, where care and compassion is the last word for most teachers!