Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pleasant stay at Point Calimere

The dusk turned more darker when we reached the Point Calimere, cause is not alone the arrival of night but the power cut that shutdown all aspects of this last shore (Kodiyakarai) and the only visible through candle lit light. Point Calimere is a worst experienced place for us to go through the power cut which hold to every half an hour including the regular power cuts of 3 hours in morning and afternoon… the nights are more unwind for us inside the guest house and the only source of light was the inverter that light a single bulb in each suite.
First we landed at the Velliman illam, which is on the main road, to only move gladly to Thambusami Illam knowing there were no suites available at ground floor which turned gladder than regret to enjoy the isolated guest house away from the activities of man. Except the power cut, Tambusami Illam is a pleasant stay guest house where we enjoyed the cool sea breeze throughout the day blowing outside under the veranda and portico surrounded by trees.
Thambusamy Illam
The forest guest house looks glorious in the red tiled roof and painted in pale white with bordered red, splendor by the sight of peacock which is always there! When we reached this place following the government vehicle in guide of my dad’s ex-colleague from Nagapattinam Collectorate, who helped for us in booking this guest house and appointed a person to take us around… it was pitch darkness and had no idea what happening around except a blink of light from the elevated lighthouse at next compound.
Only the next day morning we get to feel the real enhance of this guest house holds around. The sight of frequent peacocks across the compound is a treat for eyes and sense to behold the beauty almost clear and near and with bloom of red hibiscuses and fall of rip leaves blend it more wonderful.   Also called as Flamingo guest house, it has two rooms naming Flamingo and Pelican and a common dining hall, we took refrain at Pelican and my uncle’s family at flamingo.
Thambusamy illam is a century old building built by a sea merchant called Mr. O.A. Thambusami Pillai who later donated the building to the government which took renovation in year 2000 to accommodate official visitors to Kodaikarai. The sign board and rock inscription on the wall claims the heritage and the rooms are spacious and facilitated without replacing the original doors and windows and also has open air meeting hall and umbrella sit-outs which are maintained unusable. Lol
Spacious courtyard
The guard who is appointed to take care of the guest house and visitors is so friendly and soon become familiar to share his knowledge about this place and general thoughts on things. He claims that Point Calimere is nothing but refers to the Point of southeast and Calimere is the name of who discovers this place and the seashore of Kodiyakarai is the northern part of Palk Strait that stretches across the Gulf of Mannar between the India and Sri Lanka, which is 43km from here via sea and during the war in Jaffna the sound of explosions were heard clearly claims the guard.


ladyfi said...

What a lovely place. And what a wonderful shot of the hibiscus.

TexWisGirl said...

i would definitely like being removed from everything. the peacock and hibiscus are beautiful!

George said...

This looks like a very pleasant place to stay even with power outages. The cool sea breezes sound wonderful. Your pictures of the peacock and hibiscus are beautiful.

Kalyan said...

Looks a heavenly place among nature...lovely clicks too!

eden said...

It is a beautiful place. I love the photos especially the hibiscus.

ashok said...

beautiful place...the peacock snap is fab!