Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A part of outing and nuclear power

This is a post on the remaining photos from my last outing on ECR in August and it’s been nearly two month I went out of home except couple of time to watch movies and beach visits, since dad got cataract surgery in the middle of August. For more than a month mom was the only person to take care of me quite and so it wasn't easy for me to think of going out and giving much trouble to her but I have a great company of birds and wonderful weather around.

Calm Backwater
I hope you all remember my visit across the Kalpakkam Township – a quiet green residential area of Indira Gandhi Atomic Power Station and it has a beautiful backwater lake and small calm lagoon delta to unwind. It was mid noon when we come around the backwater channel that divides the township and it has a well laid platform aside the lake to stroll at leisure in evening. Wish I could be there again one evening experiencing the unwind moment and whisper of waves.

A beautiful lake
There are many paddy fields on the way to Kalpakkam and they are all evergreen in light and dark shades compare to the growth of stalks. When people are protesting against the Nuclear Power Project in Kudankulam, Kalpakkam stands very close to the farm lands setting an example of unchanged environment and greenery against the thought of Atomic Power Stations will spoil the environment and threat livelihoods.

Green field
I think the protest in Kudankulam is unnecessary and when many experts expressing their vows that the Power Station is fully protected, there is no mean for continues protest. Everyone knows that Nuclear power is harmful but there’s a way for handling everything at safe and there isn’t certain that only the nuclear power would destroy lives than anything else. We move only by hope kept forth and there’s risk at every turn, so could we stop traveling and progressing in life?

Wish government take steps to clear their unsecured feeling and peace returned to Kudankulam and Idinthakarai!


joanca bs said...

Very nice blog i shall follow you with interest
greetings from my blog joanca

ashok said...

lovely snaps

George said...

These are beautiful pastoral scenes -- it's hard to imagine that they are around a nuclear power plant. Thank you for sharing them with us.

TexWisGirl said...

i do hope they are taking all possible precautions to protect the community and environment from harm.

beautiful green colors.

and i hope your father is doing well so your mother may get a break soon.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Marvelous pictures, Jeevan.

On another note, i agree with you that the protests on Kudankulam are meaningless!

Anonymous said...

The scenery is just lovely!

Devilish Angel said...

nice pic...

eden said...

Beautiful photos. The ricefield reminds me of my grandparents' place in the Phils.

Rajesh said...

With so much greenery around, the protest really not required.

Destination Infinity said...

Nuclear power has got a backlash from a lot of people around the world. Not just Kudankulam. If the Japanese can mess up, no one is safe.

I think that since the Kudankulam reactor is already built, it should be allowed to function. Where were these people when the construction started?

But, we should not look at creating new atomic power stations. There are more problems with nuclear power that can affect generations to come, than we think.

We can use alternative/renewable sources of energy to generate power. That should be our focus in the future.

Destination Infinity