Sunday, May 12, 2013

PowerShot Sunday - Bubbles

Bubbles transport us to childhood!

Bubbles are fun elements blown through breathe, using a chemical liquid or soap and dipping a straw at one end and blow it through the other. I hope everyone would have enjoyed blowing bubbles in their childhood and even later at age, like I still used to rope up chances whenever to blow bubbles. We also used to look after other, who blows a big bubble and number of bubbles in a blow.

I blown bubbles lately during our vacation in Kodaikanal (a popular hill station) last year, buying bubbles containers from one of the vendors wandered around the Kodai Lake. Apart having fun blowing bubbles, I also did some photo shoot pointing on the bubbles blown by my cousin and the one posed here bear some edit focusing on the bubble.

Bubbles transport us to childhood, whether we blow or look at other were nostalgic. During my childhood days I have blown bubbles number of times and whenever visiting T. Nagar (shopping hub of Chennai) I used to get bubbles sold in front of the Kumaran Store or walk into Ranganathan Street.  I have also used hair shampoos to blow bubbles, but the number would be at least unlike bottle of bubbles brought from street vendors. 


Destination Infinity said...

I guess all of us might have bought this from the 'bubbles vendor'. I remember creating a lot of bubbles in Tower and even my house. I have always wanted to create a large bubble like how they show on TV, but never managed to achieve it!

Destination Infinity

TexWisGirl said...

it just makes you laugh. such fun!

Betsy Adams said...

Interesting post --and you are correct. Even us adults love blowing bubbles. Guess that never gets old to us--and does bring out the child in us!!!!

We have been on vacation at Ocean Isle Beach this past week. Am going to try to catch up on some blogging this week... ha.. Hope you are doing fine.

Renu said...

Now this popular fun game has gone high end too..there at Hamleys they sell those guns for 1000/..

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ladyfi said...

Blowing bubbles is always fun - no matter how old or young you are. That's a lovely shot!

Rajesh said...

My kids love it. Every time they see it on the streets they want to buy it.

George said...

My children always enjoyed blowing bubbles. You did a wonderful job of capturing the bubble in this photo.

deeps said...

looks like you are really enjoying ur stay at new place :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Interesting indeed :D

Good post, Jeevan

Indrani said...

Excellent focus on the bubble.

Meoww said...

Lovely shot of the bubble!