Friday, May 10, 2013

Udhayam - NH4

Vetri Maran, who bears victory as his fore name has once again succeed creating a interesting plot with the filmmaking of Tamil film ‘Udhayam NH4’ - the highway between Chennai-Bangalore. His early films Pollathavan and Aadukalam did good business with box of hit and talked for the performance of actor Danush and the plot selection.  Udhyam (dawn), directed by his former associate (Mani Maran) on the script written and produced by him, is a romantic thriller runs on a fast track, tracing and chasing with interruption of flashbacks describing the development of love and pursuit.

The film takes a rear seat with usual love story of an average boy and rich politico’s daughter feel for each other and run away braking down her father’s imprisonment and being chased by an encounter specialist sent by her father to capture both. But what make the movie interesting were the treatment and the part of tracking down phases, which were fascinating and stunning with chasing sequences.

Boy’s fame Siddharth plays the hero and well patted the dawn, showcasing his love and guts in decent way. The new face Ashrita is pretty, strong and desirable lass behold through her each gesture and well portrayed a modern girl influenced by pub culture. The film also highlighted the fun and frolic of night pubs in Bangalore (this will suit for any metro cities shaded more on IT and engineering colleges) and the anger of some political parties against such practice where well exposed the reality.

Introduction of Kay Kay Menon in Tamil as encounter specialist, stern through his look, but setting a mood of anytime melt away captures the attention. And the frequent ringing phone from his unrevealed family at home enhances the excitement on will he show grace on the young ones. The cinematography well captured the night scenes and as well the feel of artificial light and darkness of night. Music by GV.Prakesh: other than the two songs (Yaaro Ivan and Ora Kannala), which was hit among youngsters and I too enjoyed listening, doesn't delight. But the BGM rocks!

Udhyam - midnight dawn!


Destination Infinity said...

It's fashionable to say 'pub culture' but there is nothing 'cultural' about 'pubs'. Good to know that you enjoyed the movie. Need to listen to the two songs mentioned by you.

Destination Infinity

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Sounds like a wonderful film Jeevan!! I would love to see it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed the film.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful review of the movie.

eden said...

Great review!

Meoww said...

I like Siddharth's boyish good looks in kaadalil sothapuvathu eppadi. That was sooo good. This looks like a serious movie.