Thursday, July 31, 2014

Madras is Beautiful – A short video

Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is once again cherished though a slow motion video, that make feel one nostalgic about the city before it become modernized. An old gramophone spins merrily, pursued by fishermen carrying baskets of fresh catch… the camera moves then capturing the frothy waves crashing on the majestic rocks of Kovalam beach are the opening scenes of Madras is beautiful – a video by Madras Photo Factor.

The excellent in quality video is an absolute treat to not only Chennaities, but anyone who had come across Madras. Shot by Balaji Maheshwar, a 28-year-old documentary photographer, the video encompasses everything that is this city.  A beautiful tribute to the elegant beauty of Madras! The two and a half minute video was shot at the century-old dhobikhana, Marina Beach, Balaji Saravana Theatre, Kapaleeswarar Temple and Parry’s Corner.

The video also features filter coffee, an old Fiat car trundling by, boys playing beach cricket, a yellow cycle rickshaw and cultural elements like Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music. Through the background music sounds Bengali, it sooths despite unmatched to Madras essence. The video was shot in a month’s time and it was launched on Youtube on July 25 and at current ratio it marks 82,826 viewed and 991 likes. I loved the video :)

P.S. The team also reveal another video on the request of viewers, Madras is Calling, is a 4.33 minute-long footage shows more than enough in brief to make realize the love for city. It also has a Tamil background score which got it from A.R.Rahman’s composition for Swades.


TexWisGirl said...

thank you for sharing this, jeevan. i enjoyed the images and the beautiful music accompanying them. a glimpse into lives very different from my own.

Destination Infinity said...

Nice video and soothing music. I came across this video in FB but didn't see it there. Good to see it on your blog now.

Destination Infinity

Meoww said...

You always make me feel homesick!!! Missing the filter coffee~

Betsy Adams said...

Terrific Video, Jeevan... I enjoyed seeing life as it WAS... The music is great.

I get so upset here in our country when things change --and not for the BEST.

One of my favorite places has changed from a small mountain town with lots of personality --to a tourist place --where more and more shops/stores/entertainment places, etc. have taken over... It's so disheartening..


Karyn Bryson said...

You are right. It is a good good clip. I especially liked the haunting music and one old man who looked so kind.

ashok said...

very good!

Uppal said...