Saturday, September 13, 2014

A glance @ Kasimedu Fishing Harbor

A boat arrives @ Kasimedu Fishing harbor
A fishing boat arrives at harbor
Few Sundays back I had been to Kasimedu in north Chennai, but I couldn't make into the fishing harbor (one of the major fishing grounds for catching fishes in Chennai) which I have done twice long back. The Ennore High Road was pretty much busy even being Sunday, the containers kept moving in and out of the Chennai Port (which seems active 24/7), forced us to take U-turn at the entry level of the harbor since we don’t want to take risk of getting struck with those heavy duty trucks.

A ship anchored at mid-sea, seen beyond the pretty  neat harbor pier
When I was back in 2004 (a month ahead to Tsunami attack, which sent great destruction towards the fishing harbor) the road had been so empty and we managed to drive till the end of Ennore High Rd that leads up to Thazankuppam, a fishing hamlet. The road travels almost close to sea, experience wonderful splashes of water as waves crash the rocks and concrete blocks that make seawall. It was great excitement then, when we were allowed driving into the concrete fishing pier that surrounds the harbor, and got the opportunity to see boats enter and exit as we come to halt at the mouth of the harbor.

Boat building and mending yard
Boat Number
A boat number

The Kasimedu fishing harbor located north of Chennai Port (under the administrative of same) is also facilitate of building fishing boats, and the harbor has a capacity to handle about 575 fishing craft, is used by over 1300 boats. Renowned as a retail fish market, Kasimedu has 90 stalls located within the fishing harbor complex adjacent to the auction shed. On the day of our visit, and due to some work going within the harbor pier couldn't make us drive into and the police had also made some block preventing vehicles.  But somehow managed to get some pictures shot from the Ennore High Rd, which u see here.

Crane @ Chennai Port
This photo was shot from the Royapuram flyover, overlooking the Chennai Port (container terminal) and what you see there was one of the huge cranes that transfer containers. Actually it was on the move while shot this picture and it makes siren sound as it progress. 


Uppal said...

Great shots all! The serenity of the waters is so pronounced in the first two pictures!However i don't see any fish folks in the next,though there is a lot of other paraphernalia.

ashok said...

very colorful images Jeevan

TexWisGirl said...

wow! these are great images, jeevan! love the rock wall and the boats!

Pooja Mittal said...

it must be such a cool experience
keep on touch

Chandra said...

Hi Jeevan,
Nice photos, especially of those older boats with fading paint and wear. They are the 'rich' vessels.
I notice the T.N. on a boat's markings, possibly a registration number, implying Tamil Naadu?

Great images and a wonderful walk down memory lane for me. Thanks for sharing!

Take care.

Peace ;)

Rajesh said...

Wonderful coverage. I think I have passed through this place.

EG CameraGirl said...

I can almost smell the salty air!

Destination Infinity said...

Excellent pics, as usual. Are you going to put up the pics from Kovalam beach next?

Destination Infinity

PS: It was great meeting you today :)

Betsy Adams said...

That is one very busy port.... Sorry you couldn't get as close as you had gotten before --but you did get some great photos. Looks like a very busy place. Thanks for sharing.

Pattu Raj said...

Beautiful.Lesser known places of Chennai tourist circuit. North Madras is not very popular isn't it?

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Some amazing shots Jeevan. Wow. Have a great day sir!

Anonymous said...

WHat lovely boats!

L. D. said...

I saw this posting earlier but didn't get a chance to comment. The photos are so wonderful to see and I really like the colors that one can see in each of the photos.

Indrani said...

Nice captures Jeevan.
Well taken pics.

Twilight Man said...

Thank you for sharing these photos and I have told you once that I love to see everything in Chennai.
They may be boring scenes of your daily life but we foreigners love them!! நன்றி!