Thursday, September 04, 2014

Irumbu Kuthirai – Unfit to Run

It was another thunderstorm rain in Chennai last evening and night. I was almost out got ready to visit drive-in for a Tamil feature film Irumbu Kuthirai (Iron Horse) and looked at the sky and it was almost pretty dark with clouds glooming around. As expected it performed so well, and interrupted greatly on movie watching. Though it doesn't matter literally, the real disappointment was already waited for us abundantly being a damn blunt movie. The lightning was spectacular, as we watching the screen fluorescent cracks flashed across the sky were striking much than the flicker.

The AGS entertainment has produced number of quality films in past, but this is something out with great disappointment. I wonder how they decided to produce a film with nothing worthwhile to watch and quite boring rather being really racy apt to the title – iron horse – the film can’t even fit into a wood or paper horse. It lost to felt majestic! An effective camera work has gone nil due to lack of on-screen present and emotions. Having a super martial artist (Dong Lee alias Johnny Tri Nguyen) and reality bike racer (Alisha Abdhullah, India’s only female bike racer), the film couldn't live up to its action genre.

Atharvaa is a young bike racer, who stopped driving bikes after he lost his father in a bike accident but due to her mother’s (Devadarshini) force, he took job as a part-time pizza delivery boy so that she thought he regains inspiration for biking. Being a strictly follower of rules, he always makes free delivery as he couldn't be on time but things chance once he met his girlfriend (Priya Anand), who has been so passion about bikes put him back on track (I mean a jolly ride on ECR). Thus he encounters speed bikers who kick him out of bike and took away his girlfriend as hostage. Now standing at an intersection, how he reclaims his girlfriend and what their intention, remains. But there’s nothing to anticipate different!

Atharvaa looks handsome and perfect in physique attaining six-packs, doesn't have much chance to exhibit his ability, though being an action movie it was very limited.  Priya Anand is a lovely lady to romance; though Atharvaa come closer there is something miss fell. Lakshmi Rai acted as his friend. But a report says both the heroines were at conflict whose photo should appear on the ads, for a movie where there part wasn't interesting. The films greatest speed brakes are the songs, dragging along the surface. Wished the film was quite action, but it lags romance and superficial. The film could turn into a messenger if they let the hero die at the climax with a footnote: speed thrills but kills!  


Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

Nice review


Destination Infinity said...

I like the message: Speed thrills, but kills!

This super-biking and racing has become a menace to the city, and has already been creating sufficient damage. Youth, don't understand the implications of their passions, and race in public streets without much protection. And they pay. This needs to stop, and movie makers should not encourage it further.

Destination Infinity

ladyfi said...

Sounds as if you enjoyed the film.

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

sorry,no comments.first i don't see movies and this movie i will read the story and let u know.
karthik amma

Meoww said...

Good to hear your views about the movies. I am so out of touch with the latest releases in Tamil. Do keep writing!