Thursday, September 18, 2014

Life along with Maya

Though she is seven years old, Maya remains to be a child for every one of us and even for those visitors. Maya, our pet dog, has undergone a hysterectomy surgery a day before yesterday as she suffered from serious infection in uterus, we decided to let her some relief and remedy to lead further ease. We had two options then: one was to let her deliver some pups or go for a surgical removal of uterus. Though we had space outside the living home to let her breed, taking care of things mattered much and been (she) ever stayed out of certain seemed practically impossible.  So we went for the other, and she is showing very positive note on recovery within a day of surgery and   hope to see her back in normal attitude at a week’s end.

She never stayed away from us in the last seven years, and we had left her at home at only fewer occasions of traveling that too in charge of my brother. She spent two days and a night at the veterinary clinic and we heard that she was very quiet throughout the process and responded so well post surgery. We were so surprise towards her behavior, which perhaps because of fear and the new environment with other dogs (barking) around she couldn’t do anything rather accept whatever happens. Though it is not our intention to threaten her like this, certainly it gives a guilty feeling as we well know her attitude; it perhaps could have got her hell feeling. That’s what could be the reason for her to show dull feeling toward us and not responding quickly like before.

Maya is a very sensitive dog and allows no one to touch her unless she’s familiar with that person.  Being an untrained dog (and coming from a branch of wolf family), she is very aggressive toward strangers but once she smelt there fragrance she won’t do anything unless they take advantage and will also behave friendly if she likes them.  And if not, she maintain a distance and also ignore them rather inquire like other. Although she shows affection and love, she is very protective on family members, esp. she has a special care for me and allows no unfamiliar person to touch me or thing related to me in front of her.

Lhasa Apso is the name of her breed, which originate to Tibet and so has the name of the capital city of Tibet, Lahasa, and Apso is a word meaning bearded or long-haired in their language. Maya too would have flourishing hair if we allowed her to grow, but due to maintenance and hair falling we make certain cutting her hair after a period of time. Actually it is a dog not belong to hot weather conditions like Chennai, since inherent an ability to withstand bitterly cold winter of the Himalayas they have trouble with summer heat. We had no idea of rearing a dog, but it’s my brother who brought her home against all our wishes and being adamant to give up, made her life into ours.

Rearing dogs are not a bad intention and I have no different thought on it, but not everyone could afford a pup. There are certain things that need to give hand and rearing dogs is a burden for people who are already exercising enough. For a person’s desire, is it right to leave a whole family to suffer? If someone loves to have a pet, they have to be certain about their adequate and should never ignore their responsibility just because they brought it to home and things will happen on its own. Apart sparing time to take care on their (dogs) needs, the most difficult thing about rearing pets was if anything goes wrong with them we can’t tolerate easily. I think just having a kind heart isn’t enough to accept a pet, but need a very brave heart to withstand vibrations that went wrong with them. 


TexWisGirl said...

i am glad you had her surgically taken care of. i've not allowed any of my dogs to breed. i've always spayed and neutered all of them - too many unwanted strays. i hope she recovers well!

Pooja Mittal said...

i really hope sherecovers soon , i can understand the deep love we all pet lovers have
these little digs have a huge space for themselves in ourr hearts and always remain the little baby
i have alwys lived with atleast 1 dogs , at one time i had 2 but eventually lost both
it was so difficult for me to recover from their loss that i decided not to get another one
Its so strange how ur himalayan dog adjusted to hot enviourment
keep in touch

Destination Infinity said...

Having seen Maya recently, I can vouch for what a good and lovely dog it is! Initially, on seeing me, it was barking, but once it smelled me, it was cool and even sat down right next to my legs for sometime! Good to see the dog once again.

Destination Infinity

Anonymous said...

she is adorable........praying she heals soon...

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

God will bless her for speedy recovery


Indrani said...

Hope she recovers fast and gets back to her usual self.

Anonymous said...

What a loyal friend!

EG CameraGirl said...

May looks like a very sweet dog. I'm glad she is feeling better now!

Chandra said...

Wish Maya a speedy recovery!
Best of Luck, Jeevan.
Peace :)

Twilight Man said...

What a cute and beautiful dog. I have never seen this type in my country where the fur is so unique and nice. Hope your dog will get well soon and continue to bring all the happiness to your family.

Uppal said...

The last para sums up the composite emotions of pet lovers!