Saturday, October 25, 2014

Deepavali, Celebrations and Sharing

(No more greetings pls! Diwali is over two days ago)

Deepavali! Spelling the word itself causes some magic and brings enthusiasm. While nearing the festival of lights comes an unexplainable joy and mind began to thinks how to celebrate it efficiently and make memorable. From the childhood days Deepavali has been my favourite festival or I can say season, as we pick up firecrackers less than a month ahead to the festival loosely from the local retail shops.  The best Deepavali celebration ever in my life was spent with my late uncle in 1998 and it was a period we were reconstructing our house and temporarily shifted to my grandmother’s place. The celebration was wholesome as we gathered as more than two families, everything was double! My uncle wasn’t an enthusiast of firecrackers, but understanding that we are he bought us enough and also joining in the fun warfare.

Firework display
a firework display
My father used to bring crackers list from his office when he was in service, where they used to collect fund and make some present for Deepavali and also arrange for firecrackers according to the list we marked on. Unlike my late uncle, the young one was just like us and a decade elder than me has been a prior to us on buying and bursting crackers. He used to buy 10-20,000 walas and make electric throughout the street, however it cause an impression and impact about us it’s definitely a regardless  act to make nuisance by creating loud noises. Though things have changed quite later but the first and most fascinating thing that comes to mind (still) about Deepavali is firecrackers. Apart sweet and snacks, new dresses and special program on television, our main intention has been   bursting firecrackers.  I see the interesting of bursting firecrackers has come down and even I see changes within myself and I have almost lost interest on loud crackers, but the enthusiasm for firework remain. I keep looking out at sky for firework display from the day ahead and followed by Deepavalai, I make venture into the neighbourhood looking for Aerial Outs. 

Firecrackers aren’t part of our life and we aren't going to burst every day, and it’s indeed against nature and environment but I think they cause festival mood. It’s hard to image a Deepavali without noise though I stopped liking the loud crackers and even the firecracker I used to burst was only crackles or sparkles. This year the noise has come down so much in neighbourhood (for good) and I also began to hate loud crackers as it makes deafening, I haven’t been liked for noise even when I was able to fire crackers. During Deepavali season one could see me then with ears surrounded by black marks (gun powder) as I used to close my ears after igniting firecrackers to ignore sound, so was my favourite one always been the Red Bijli which make less noise among the firecrackers. Only last year I couldn’t celebrate Deepavali not only from firecracker and I also couldn’t go out looking for firework as I was put on cast for femur fracture. I know Deepavali is not only about firecrackers, but we have grown celebrating that way and coming out quite will take some time. As an initial step we can deny quite all noise creating crackers and look for light and colors... according to the meaning of festival of lights, let’s add only colors.

I think celebrating a festival couldn’t be anything if we aren’t able to share with others. I see no difference in people from their daily activity to festival day; they just want to be left alone whether watching television or staring Smartphone or computers. People lost interest not only celebrating festivals, but also from variously activities where there energy used to be high and emotionally supportive. I wonder where we are heading without facing each other and sharing the moment, I think even sitting quiet beside will do magic and make sense of sharing. I think the festivals and certain events are made for memorable to think back and cherish about the days being together and had fun. I know priorities change from time to time and it also depend on our need and desire but no where it said that past has to be forgotten or ignored because we have better things to practice. Workaholic and different lifestyle take people far way but things aren’t same in this advanced communication system, but the matter is we don’t have a mind or put thought to share. 


TexWisGirl said...

you're absolutely correct - so many family times and traditions are falling by the wayside and being pushed aside in favor of tv, games, on-line interests. personal interaction is not the norm, anymore.

i don't like noise, either. i was always afraid of firecrackers since i was a small child. i was born on the 4th of July which is a firecracker and fireworks holiday here. my brothers used to pull me out into the farm yard and shoot off firecrackers and say they were for my birthday. i was always scared. :)

Chandra said...

My favorites were Oosi pattaasu and the sweets!
My father bought fire crackers (not the very noisy ones). He bought modest amounts, but the best part was that the whole family was together.

Hope you had fun, Jeevan.
Peace :)

Destination Infinity said...

Man is a social creature, and will always be one. The interaction, sharing, etc. might shift from one form to another (direct vs. online), but it will happen in some form.

Destination Infinity

EG CameraGirl said...

I agree that firecrackers are way too noisy but they are so beautiful to watch!

Betsy Adams said...

Sad to think of family traditions not being important anymore... I have been doing so much genealogy research and have collected much information on our relatives... BUT--who in my family will keep this going once I am gone????? Nobody seems interested anymore... Makes me sad...

I don't like NOISE either and don't like CROWDS. When we travel we try to travel in the 'off' seasons --when so many tourists are NOT around...

Great post.

Indrani said...

Sometimes I wonder what will be the beliefs and traditions of future generations.

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...


thanks jeevan

dokka srinivasu said...

Dear Jeevan

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