Friday, January 23, 2015

Shanker’s "I"

There’s something impossible to avoid when it comes to Shanker films. Yes, Anticipation! He’s a man truly behind this cause and deserves much to look forward. Teamed with A.R.Rahman, except for Anniyan, they have rocked always. I really thought do I want to write a review on “I”? Because I can’t appreciate this film just like that or consider as another Tamil film, because each frame has something to behold and feel magical though the many marvelous beauties exhibited in front of the big screen. To say in a word/phrase “I” is a visual treat encompassed by delightful music, even the awkwardness provoke wonder and admiration.

Shanker’s “I” is not a regular film from the director of grandeur, but to say in their style “I” is beyond that and incredible.  Not that to say as a fan of Shanker, his knowledge and ability is sophisticated and so his daring to touch things that are practically impossible or narrow peak. With a director with international content, what upholds the structure (“I”) and burnish was Vikram’s double standard: as bodybuilder and hunchback. I don’t think I need to say anything about Vikram, perhaps, because I couldn't get a word to appreciate him quite.  But who needed when the protagonist is universally acclaimed for his acting and “I” is an added crown to his humble summit.

Thought the story of “I” can be shrunk within a line: where a bodybuilder (aspiring to become Mr. India) accidentally becomes a supermodel and how does him revenge those disabled him awful to take back their course, is set in super-rich scenario, awesome recreation with ambiance and settings and terrific characterization. As a bodybuilder Vikram has harshly worked out like ever bending from tip to toe... he’s sure to inspire many who aspire to become same and as hunchback he take possess everything within his hood. Emy Jackson looks literally super cool, sexy and admirable entirely.  But her performance has went beyond the expectation and skimpy to pickup her own place/space.

The foremost to take the center stage of “I”, as soon it begins, was the camera. P.C. Sreeram! Renowned as master of cinematography, has conveyed a lot and through his perspective our views get enrich and remarkable. The scenes relevant to China have been quite fascinating, and next to songs, either though visual or music, emphasis and produces enormous support in background was extraordinary when it comes to stunt and actions scenes. The fight using men and muscles was massive and amazing to watch, although it doesn't show off well, as every other men were muscular than Vikram, it was challenging and gives a feel of raw.

The film goes off partially fun filled and entertaining was quite thrill after the interval as they unleash how each get revenged. Santhanam played a decent role as supporting actor and humorist and Ramkumar and Suresh Gopi as indirect villains in their unusual/new role. The director has utilized the ad film making as the part of content and recreated real brands in his own style. The movie is also very stylish in trendy costume designing, had maintained the feel of local in slang and it’s funny to hear Emy spoke on. It is a movie truly enjoyed/experienced only in theaters; if you are my kind admire the advance in technology, beauty and quality in films. To feel Mersel – sound mesmerized!


Ramakrishnan Ramanathan said...

Yes many others have mentioned that that this is a Vikram centric movie and he has acted incredibly well.And grandeur and splendor of the sets is brilliant.

Sandhya said...

I am going to watch this next week. So, am not reading now! Will come back later, Jeevan!

Destination Infinity said...

I am not going to watch this immediately, sometime later maybe. Glad you liked it. I want to listen to the songs soon, though.

Destination Infinity

Meoww said...

It was Vikram all in all. The make up / special effects was done by WETA-the same people who did LOTR series and many more. This was no "Shankar" movie. Just a revenge movie. I guess I was expecting more. But China was awesome!

ladyfi said...

That's quite an eye-catching poster for the film!

Jeevan said...

DI - Pls do watch it before the film is out of theater... its worth watching in theater than TV/PC

Meoww - I think its not possible without Shankar

ashok said...

have to watch it for Vikram's hardwork!