Monday, March 02, 2015

Anegan - Survives on love

There are certain creations we don’t want to miss and in the field of filmmaking, as a director, K.V. Anand has created a place for himself for us to look forward to watch with interest. Anegan is one of an interesting Tamil movie (I watched last week) from the director, and as a wholesome entertainer, is based on memories of previous birth, not one, but multiple! Although it is only a part of the film, that traces and survives on love on each birth, the director has a different phrase to communicate the reason which perhaps due to hallucinations or use of drug to enhance dreams. But what highlight was how the illusion becomes clue to explore a mystery?

Dhanush and debutant Amyra Dastur as lead, appears in four difference characters, look, period/age. Dhanush seems to have not much works to do to in showcasing the difference in looks, which was slightly altered by pretty shaved and grown beard – resembles one of his earliest and in beard he reminds the dancer-actor-director Prabu Deva. One could see a usual Dhunush in the sequences relevant to current situation in the film, and I don’t find it quite impressive. But who steal the screen/show was, Amyra Dastur.

The beautiful actress does not only appear prettier, but her performance outshines the star cast and quite admirable. According to the period, her transformation has been done well and though not so highly differentiated, her expression and attitude conveys much to not to believe she’s debut. And another notable thing about Anegan was veteran actor Karthik’s re-entry, but as anti-hero, he acted pretty cool which suppose to be his usual/casual character in movies as well in reality.

I think the concept of this film (with two more situations happening at different periods and traced as previous birth memories) was pretty new for the Tamil audience, even though it was conveyed in a lighter way, I feel some people will find it hard to capture quite. Among the two different eras, the film that begins in Burma (today Myanmar) in 1960s is very beautiful and heightened the interest of watching. As a migrant worker Danush stunned with action and the love with Amyra is impressive than other two.

The music and songs of Anegan is chartbuster even before its release and Harish Jayaraj has touched the peak with both melody and local genre – but the most popular Danga Maari, doesn’t lived up to the expectation that created though music. Being a great cinematographer himself (though K.V. Anand is not the cameraman of the film), his perspective and locations selection always fascinated and in the songs of Roja Kadale and Aathadi the beauty of nature and Amyra stunned.

There’s also limited fight scenes to keep pace and sustained on tack with love genre, which is the centre pole of the film. Like his previous movies (Ayan, KO and Maattrraan) that open door to some daring issues, K.V Anand has focused this time on the rising depression among corporate workers, though the film deal with gaming company, it almost indicates the same and pulled the trigger to dread. Anegan is a must watch for many reasons and also way being different! 


ladyfi said...

Glad you enjoyed it.

Destination Infinity said...

I will try to see this movie sometime, although I am quite skeptical about watching movies featuring this hero, nowadays.

Destination Infinity

Meoww said...

Storyline seems different. Will give it a shot! :)