Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum

I watched this interesting Tamil movie called Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum (Press 1 for Tamil) in Home theatre is also a good entertainer. Released at the beginning of this year, the movie has a unique plot which is based on science connects various angles in a single core device called cell phone. Technology has developed a lot and we live in a science world where lives depended on it, whether it is used for good or bad the film captured it quite well.

The movie begins with a deadly bomb in a call taxi that comes around the Chennai city and an 80 tonne solid rock (vaasthu kal) hangs from a multi-storied building (as the crane struck halfway) with a woman trapped beneath the scrap where the rock suppose to fall anytime. The film goes behind the scenes where a terrorist in intend to disturb the Independence Day celebration, plants a remotely controlled bomb in a call taxi and follows the car for an apt place to blow up.

In the mean time, all the mobile networks in the city fails due to a solar flare and an hyperactive science geek Vasanth tries to activate a part of the mobile network and once the lines are restored the terrorist will activate the bomb which was connected via a cell phone that is waiting for signal. And also Simi, who is struck under the scrap, will be rescued only if the text message she had sent reach his beau Mukil. Though the bomb blast and rock falls down at last, how do they escape becomes the exciting part of the whole.

Nakul as science geek impresses everyone by his technical knowledge and innovations, also creates projects for the engineering students which land him on restoring mobile network. His relation with his mother (Urvashi) is something heeds, and makes a different family perception where science prevails very much. But more than Attakathi Dinesh, in his usual easy going attitude and as a property promoter who falls in love with Bindu Madhavi – a counsellor, whose expressions conveys lot. Sathish as taxi driver has done a decent yet realistic comic role and although he loses his phone he deal was amusing.

I usually don’t write about movies I watch at home theatre, if the movie isn’t worth or interesting to watch. But TEOA (Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum) wants me to write as I find the concept being very different and experimental, so that others could watch it if haven’t. Though it is movie not quite scientific or love story – which is a part that doesn’t work well, but still worth watching for its unique subject and sequences that carries logic.

The movie doesn’t have songs except a single track that bend with the story; Thaman’s BGM has worked well and produced a great feeling towards the ending. Cinematography at other hand is also good and captured the cityscape in a beautiful and colorful manner. And to put above all, I admire the direction (by Ramprakash Rayappa) for taking science as main subject and making it realistic and simpler to appreciate by commoner that to in a light-hearted way feels healthy. TEOA – a movie for those enjoy science and humor. 


blogoratti said...

Seems like a great production indeed.

Destination Infinity said...

Your review makes the movie seem interesting. I will try to watch it soon. Thanks :)

Destination Infinity

Pattu Raj said...

Nice review. Didn;t know there was a movie of this title.

Meoww said...

Yes, this movie was quite interesting. I watched it too!

Loco mente said...

I think that I shall check this out... Thanks for sharing!