Sunday, March 26, 2017

Exploring Kodai-Kumbakkarai Route, the very first road to Kodaikanal

The Kodai-Kumbakkarai road was completely off at some places (click all photos for enlarge)
I love traveling and traveling on road-less travelled is my favourite. Wherever I go I look for places beyond the regular and I find it more exciting than what has been explored by many. Though many perhaps like taking such travels but don’t give much thought as it keeps them away from the comfort. But I am someone always like adventure and try to venture places that not many chose to travel or ready to lookout for. During my stay at Thandikudi, near Kodaikanal, I explored a route that was less travelled or abandoned since alternate and more comfort roads was developed. Though it was the first road to Kodaikanal many unknown about it.

More than a century old road looks good  at few places toward Adukkam
The road that slides before Perumal Malai on the main road to the Kodaikanal, leads to the mango city Periyakulam via Adukkam village and Kumbakkarai waterfalls at the foothills. From the time I know about this road, a short route to Kodaikanal when going by Periyakulam or Theni, I want to explore it and travel as much possible.  I learned the road up to Adukkam village (half on the mountain) was travelable though the road wasn’t good and worst beyond that, we tied our best and it was possible only because of our Scorpio (SUV). For the most part of the road was unpaved or washed away as it wasn’t relayed after it was originally laid by the British. And the road is narrow which means facing a vehicle would make either take reverse or adjust space for the opposite to pass.

The view of narrow winding road from the Adukkam village towards Kumbakkarai falls, which we didn't take.
The road wasn’t narrow but also potholed for large that any car would get bottom hurt unless it was an SUV or height ground clearance vehicle. The people from one of the vehicles (Hyundai Santro) that was coming up from Periyakulam warned us not to go further or beyond Adukkam as the road was in bad shape but still we managed up to Adukkam and turned back thinking it was our limit. Though few jeep drivers encouraged that we can go all the way to Kumbakkarai, as the villagers have cleared the road lately, we didn’t mind to go beyond and since it was late afternoon we don’t want to take risk and turned away with the view of winding lane down the hills.

The pristine mountains and valleys... you could see a lone house (in white color) at a distance 
Awesome view of mountains and  ridges across the valley
This road beholds views that are pristine and most part of the valley and mountains seem untouched by many. Being an initial and pretty old road to Kodaikanal, which seems to be laid in late 1800s or early 1900s, continue to hold the charm as most part of the route was undamaged by the tourism cottages or buildings. But I got to see few beautiful farm houses and bungalows and a stretch of coffee and orange plantations en route to the Adukkam, from there till the foothill is quite wild forest. Adukkam isn’t a big village and it comes to view few kms before on road resembling a small nest on the laps of mountains.

Here's a view on the Adukkam village nestled in the valley and below is a close up on  the same
The village is surrounded by hill banana plantation
I heard bullock carts were the first vehicles to take this road and we could see the roadside stone barriers and milestones still exists along with good patch of tar road at some places truly exhibits the quality of roads laid then. The day was sunny when we venture this route in early summer, though the weather doesn’t bother much as we continue to stay on mountains I couldn’t take more photos due to sun glares and reflection of windows many went dark images. Interestingly we met an old woman, when we stopped to take photos on the red coffee beans, scold us not to take photos on her coffee plants. She told her plants weren’t flourishing well already and you taking photos may get evil eye! lol 
The red coffee beans, what the old woman said no to capture!


Twilight Man said...

I also love to explore countryside areas across the rugged mountains. I truly enjoyed the those moments in USA, Thailand, China and Japan. I like your photos of all the greens and valleys. Nice place to relax.

Gosia k said...

The landscape is really interesting for me geetings from sunny Poland

ashok said...

have fun Jeevan...great clicks!

Sandi said...

Those views! Amazing!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful and very scenic route.

Alok singhal said...

I am so happy you took the road less travelled...this is where most of the beauty can be still seen.

I must have taken the proper road when I went around there years back.

Thank you for the journey.

Destination Infinity said...

The view of the hills (and your photos depicting the same) is spectacular. Keep exploring routes not taken before :)

Destination Infinity

GreenComotion said...

Hi Jeevan-
Fantastic shots of the mountains and all that green foliage. If those are century old, they are indeed in great shape.
Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)

Betsy Adams said...

I love those 'backroads' ---and George and I drive on them when searching for waterfalls.. You all had an awesome view. GORGEOUS mountains!!!!!!

Recently we took some back mountain roads in North Carolina searching for a waterfall. There WERE potholes --but it wasn't too bad... Our Prius just seems to do well on those back roads... We found the trail head and enjoyed our back-woods HIKE to see Secret Falls....

I SO enjoyed your post today... I love love love mountains like yours.

Lady Fi said...

Lovely views from that road!

George said...

This looks like some of the roads we've taken here in the mountains of Tennessee. The road may not be very good, but the scenery is gorgeous. Back roads are always a wonderful treat.

Pattu Raj said...

beautiful Jeevan...the photographs brought back memories of 44 years back.