Wednesday, April 24, 2019


A church damaged in bomb blast in Sri lanka
The terror stroke the churches and hotels in our neighbour country, Sri Lanka, on the Easter Sunday is a great tragedy to never take on an easy note. It’s not that far what has happened in the island country that’s mere 35 km from India bordered with sea looks anything is possible. Peace is something the country is slowly possessed after the inland war that ended a decade back and this terror strike is one of the worst the country faced with more than 350 innocent people killed. I know the Tamils in Island continue to suffer from post war crises and fighting for an equal right of living that the ruling governments refuse to reach out. Terror is something stroke beyond anything and we could not give any colors, race or credit to the violent behaviour of some which need to be suppress and repress without fail. Terror has become an overseas problem and almost every country face the disgust and with open hands we couldn’t do anything rather strengthen our security and intelligence. Terror isn’t an easy thing to erase from the society and we couldn’t get clue in which form it will harm people and we could only wish it never happen anywhere again. My thoughts goes to the people who suffered lose and wounded badly to the bomb blasts.


Sandi said...

There is not enough time to fix everything,
only enough time to forgive.

carol l mckenna said...

So sad ~ difficult times ~ sending lots of healing energy to those people ~

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bill burke said...

A horrible act, it's the people who always pay the price. Hopefully the difficult times can get better. Sending thoughts and prayers to all the families who suffered great losses.

ashok said...

sad and horrific!

Lady Fi said...


Twilight Man said...

The world is sadly getting sick with so many terrorists sprouting up everywhere. No where is really safe today.