Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Protect from Corona

Corona, the crown of virus, is threatening the world like anything done before. This invisible to eyes, virus, has shaken the masses of all despite however strong the countries are. No one anticipated the virus would spread at this vast but India being the second largest population country in the world had drastic control over the virus. Like any other countries the virus entered India through passengers landing from foreign countries, though the number of affected has rose to 150 now the awareness among people to hands clean had greatly turned down the spreading of virus and shutting down on places wherever people gather  should help prevent further and downstream the virus. Though the media creates lot of hype and make news’s to panic people, the widespread knowledge shared on corona is quite dynamic.

Tamils is a community where hands and legs washed is practiced on daily basis whenever someone enter the home from outside but this culture was forgotten in the urbanisation and city life where people live on apartments the most, we can’t expect this to continue  as water is not available always outside the home. Now, this corona has created an opportunity to retrace this practice and make realize people the importance of hand washing and schools in particular insisted this in kids/students which became obvious when one my nephew (age 5) rushed to washbasin when we offered him something to eat when he visited us. Still I feel not many people are fully conscious about this spread of virus and are indifference thinking it won’t affect us as the number the victims are less compared to many developed countries, but I can’t image what a similar situation could India face if the virus spread seriously.

Though the economy of the country going to hit hard due to block of trade and entertainment but in a state of life-and-death we can’t think better and it is all in our hands and limiting our activities is the only way to enhance the downgrade of the virus. Let’s stay home and watch things settle for good as we have nothing to do to stop it immediate or bring remedy, let stick to the adage  ‘prevention is better than cure’ and all work towards that.


ashok said...

Stay safe Jeevan

Tom said...

...take care my friend.

Nancy Chan said...

There is cause for great concern everywhere as the virus spread to countries all over the world. Now we are ordered to stay home and follow guidelines on personal hygiene and how to watch out for symptoms. Take care and stay safe.

Gosia said...

stay healthy at your place

George said...

Thank you for the good advice. I'm happy to hear that India has evidently done a much better job controlling this virus than we hae done. Stay safe and healthy.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

YES, Jeevan... We are all struggling now ---but hopefully, some good will come from these struggles... Here people are not just thinking of themselves but doing for others in need... We all do need each other --and at times like this, that is so important.

Good Luck to you and your country in dealing with the Corona Virus. I hope that you and your family stay healthy and safe during this.


eileeninmd said...

Hello Jeevan

Thanks for sharing! I hope you stay safe and healthy!

bill burke said...

Thanks for sharing Jeevan.
Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

carol l mckenna said...

Agree ~ let's hope the preventions set in place will help stop this deadly virus ~

Keep Calm and Be Well,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Twilight Man said...

We are having a lockdown period for 2 weeks now in my country as the Covid19 cases has been increasing. This Sunday the army will be stationed all over the country to make sure the people obey the stay-home order.

I have not heard from you for sometime and hope you will be well & happy always. Cheers Jeevan!