Friday, October 28, 2005

Post has a new role to perform

The postman not only delivers mail at the doorstep but also collects letter, including registered post, and sells stamps

Communication has advances so much so that walking down to drop a letter in the post box is a memory for many. And for the older generation, especially those who are not familiar with modern technology such as e-mail, handwritten letters are still the only means to communicating with relatives and friends.

India Post’s new customer friendly initiative benefits this segment most. Now, the postman not only delivers mail at the doorstep but also collects letters, including registered post, and sells stamps. Postmen now carry pouches containing stamps of various denomination and covers. They also have receipt books to Speed Post.

The service, launched in Chennai in July, was introduced in the western regions like Coimbatore, Erode, Salem ect… in August. The response has been encouraging. This service especially benefits the elders, the disable and companies that want to dispatch bulk mail.


Yesterday was a Heavy rain in Chennai. My street look like Cavari river, the rain is a gift for rain lovers and is a boon for office going people. but it is a enjoy able day for me.

Because of the Heavy rain my Internet connect was cut, so i cant blog yesterday, it just came at 10.00pm today, so this is argent post.


Joke : A two persons talking: enna rendu thalaivarkaLum sarnthu pichchai poodurangaka?

ithuthaan kUttaNi tharmam!


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Amazing. IMHO Indian Postal service does a very nice job..(barring stolen parcels etc). I used to wonder in Bombay...the postman used to go up and down each flat to deliver mails.!!

Interesting to note that the postmen would sell stamps, collect posts etc..Very nice idea.!! I like it.!!

Hope the waters have receded now.!
Good Luck Chennai.!! But remember you need the ..!!!

Funny joke.!! Kuttani...LOL :)

Jeevan said...

Venkitu sir - Indian postal service had done a nice job for elders and disable people. post department is getting better day by day.
Chennai is coming normal. The north chennai is the worst affected area. I hope this rain will solve the water problem. Thanks friend.

Jo said...

Now that's a good iniative from India Post. I also heard that we can send emails to India Post's website and then the recipient can receive it in the form of regular mail.

I hope the floods are not affecting you.

Jeevan said...

Post form home! through Email! WOW good information Jo.

We are very safe the flood dint affect us.:)