Thursday, October 20, 2005

World’s richest man turns 50

William Henry Gates

· Born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He was married to Melinda and has three young children.

· Develops computer skills while still at school, with friend Paul Allen

· At Harvard, Gates and Allen co-write original Altair BASIC interpreter for Altair 8800, first commercially successful personal computer. The pair then found Microsoft and Gates drops out of university to focus on software development.

· Microsoft awarded 1981 contract to develop operating system for upcoming IBM Personal Computer – results in MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System). Microsoft soon becomes major player in marketing MS-Dos to non-IBM PCs.

· Aggressive business practices culminate in 1998 lawsuit over Microsoft’s alleged abuse of monopoly power in sales of operating system and web browsers.

· Gates is World’s richest man with net worth estimated at $45.3 billion. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given over $7bn to causes from college scholarships to combating global diseases.

Bill Gates to visit India later this year

Microsoft Chairman and the world’s richest individual Bill Gates have accepted an invitation to give India a visit later this year. He has been invited by the Union Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dayanidhi Maran. The visit is expected to take place in December 2005 and he would also be visiting Chennai during his tour.

Maran went on to meet the person who can be potentially given the credit for bringing Personal Computers to the common man. Windows Operating System powers more than 90% of all desktops in the world and this has helped Microsoft become one of the biggest corporations of its kind in the world.

Maran was accompanied with a delegation from India when he met Bill Gates at the Redmond headquarters of Microsoft Corporation in the United States. They discussed the possibilities of Microsoft’s role in the removal of the digital divide in the country, which is very much otherwise touted as the IT superpower of the world. Bill Gates is expected to unveil his India centric strategies on his tour to the country with big plans to make their software work with Indian languages.

The company has openly supported the Union Government’s efforts to spread computer literacy and facilitate the adoption of e-governance, enabling research on Indian-language computing technologies and cooperation on IT security.


Dubukku said...

Ada neenga vera yen Jeevan Bill gates pathi solli vayatherichala kilapureenga... :)

Sumonk said...

Born on 28th of which month??

Jeevan said...

Dubukku - hehehe. nengalum oru nall Bill gates mathiri varuvenga.:)

Jeevan said...

Suman - he born on 28 October,1955. sorry friend the month was missed, now i corrected it.

Arjuna_Speaks said...

jeevan - enna thavirai ellarume rich aaranga :((

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Wow..I didn't know about his birthday coming up on Oct-28.!! Thanks for the Heads up.!!

I am glad he is visiting India, chennai.!! I know that Microsoft has a huggggggggggggggge Indian workforce.!!

awakeningcoma said...

half century 4 bill,hope he scores century and make a lot more bugged os

Jeevan said...

Arjuna - Kavala padatinga friend, kandipa nekam rich man avinga.:)

Jeevan said...
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Jeevan said...

Venkitu - I know only yesterday, Thanks friend. Most of them working in Microsoft are Indian.

Jeevan said...

Awakeningh - He is very inteligent.

one said...

surely one day i become a rich man god wil support me, he gives his strength to me for working and getting more riches in this world,god is father of all humans, if who one believe this you wil get rich and rich from god.