Saturday, January 28, 2006


Yesterday I went to watch Aathi (Tamil movie), with my family to Prathana Drive-in. Aathi is a revenge movie, by the by u all should have watched the movie; I no need to tell about the story. Aathi is a remake of the popular Telugu Blockbuster Athana Okkade. This time they put a Film Division Videos of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s UK visit for the discussion of Global Warming. We pack our dinner food with us, so we finished our dinner their watching movies.

Ennai konja konja konja va mazhaiya song ,made me feel like gone to T.Nagar area, in this song the settings was done by Jewelry and Textiles shop banners, the song and the picturations is nice and the dancing on the rain is good. Another song Aththi Athikai thathi thathi pasum is family song was enjoyable to see. Vijay movie means there should be at least one kuttu song, but here it has two. Lealukku Lea Lealukku Lea song is melodies. And the climax song Varan Paru Aathi is nice to hear.

The fight scean, in which vijay riding a bike and shooting the villan who is traveling on the Sumo, but the bullet hit the driver and the Sumo role on the street, is good graphics. The scean where vijay challenge to the Villan is interesting to see. Trisha dint look nice when she get angry and killing the Police officer. But in songs and rain scean’s she look’s beautiful. In a scean where Vijay saw her Uncle and his Love girl, here the sentiment and the background music are fine. The Collage liberty and the Buddha statue are looking beautiful. The New Face Villan is done a good job

In the climax fight, where fire burns in his back, with the fire he will fight with Villan, this scean is overacting, and when Trisha search Vijay, and call him mama, mama It was very joke . The villan groups killing scean is very old. I think Trisha did not like to leave the Shirt and Jeans, which she wears in Aaru. With his wounded leg, the Nasar plans to kill the Villans is over imagination. The train fight and the Sumo crashings are super.


praveen said...

i seriously havent had this affinity toward's vijay movies..their alwiz the same masala theme, and another thing i seriously cant take is the surge of "dhapangkutthu"songs

Matty said...

Yes man...that rain song is too goood..

My days(Gops) said...

Varaan varaan aadhi vandha therium aadhi.......
1.same old andhra masala film.
2.Hit songs missing.
3.Back ground music irritates a lot
4.Vijay sir formula vai maarthungo sir plz..

Balaji S Rajan said...


Good to hear that you had been for your favourite actor's movie and enjoyed it. Nice review. Enjoy life.

Vikram H said...

Well its been quite a long time since i saw anything different in Vijay's movies...They all seem to religiously follow the same formula, with only more exaggeration every time!

smiley said...

Hi Jeevan
Thanks for visiting my site. Good review of the movie. Will give a visit to Vijay of Adhi at Prarthana. Thanks

Jeevan said...

Praveen – yes he should reduce the violence in the movies, I like Vijay to do good action and love equal movies.

Matty – thanks matty.

My_day – kavala padathina, kandippa oru nall vijay avaroda style mattuvar. The villan acting should be different from other movies.

Jeevan said...

Balaji – Thanks friend, your son watched the movie?

Vikram – He should consentrate on the stories, but he is looking for action movies.

Smile – Sure, enjoy the movie. Thanks.

TamilPonnu said...

nalla whistle adika katthukanum.. I wanna go and whistle my heart out for Vijay's padam.

glad u enjoyed it.. will let you know my thots after I see the movie.


Jeevan said...

saval vidara sceanla whistle adicha than antha sceanku paaruma. looking forward to read ur review of Aathi. super comment.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

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ashok said...

What Lumbergh wrote is the most popular joke now a days...

'please help me'

veda said...

Baby Mosquito: Mummy, can I go for a movie ???

Mother Mosquito: B very careful, people clap their hands...!

Baby Mosquito: No ma, Don't worry! Nobody will clap !

Mother Mosquito: why ???

Baby Mosquito: I m going for vijay film, 'AATHI'...

Jeevan said...

manoj and veda - very funny comment.:)

ashok - i also got a farward mail of aathi. read this:

Q) whats diff between MURDER and SUICIDE ?
A) if u are buying AADHI tickets and GIVING to others to watch that movie -
ITS MURDER but if u watch it yourself it is a SUICIDE

Q) what is diff between MASS KILLING and SERIAL KILLING ?
A) if u go to AADHI along with family and frends then it is MASS killing but
if you go with each member to that AADHI daily then it is SERIAL killing..

Q) any 3 unusual causes of DEATH
A) 1..after seeing poster of aadhi book advance tickets for aadhi
3..reading AADHI movie reviews in a magazine.

A) successfully coming out Of Theatre hall during the INTERVAL of AADHI

Q) How do viewers get out after watching AADHI?
A) when they get out.they have 2 Doors - marked as "HEAVEN" and "HELL"

Q) What is the no 1 cause of divorce / breakups between couples
A) Suprising their spouse with AADHI Tickets..

Q) Practical solution for cauvery problem
A) Threaten karnataka govt to realease AADHI dubbed in Kannada

Q) how was VEERAPAN caught by TN police ?
A) the directors were planning to shoot AADHI in satyamangalam and poor guy
tried to escape..

Q) Any updates on Osama ?
A) OSAMA is planning to remake AADHI and launch in HOLLYWOOD

Q)how does george bush plan to make SADDAM accept truths on IRAQi wepons ?
A) make him watch AADHI 3 shows daily at sathyam

Q) fastest way to death
A) watching trailors of AADHI