Friday, January 20, 2006

Another water problem for Tamil Nadu

Water problem is a big problem in Tamil Nadu. For the last 4 years Tamil Nadu dint recive proper rain and many farmlands, rivers and lakes are drought with out water. But last year november, Tamil nadu recived a history rain, people will not forget this rain soon. All the rivers and lakes over flows, In some places lakes have broken, many Houses on the banks of rivers and lakes are surounded by floods, lakhs of people shifted there house. In Chennai the famous Coovam and Adyar rivers were also overflows, because of deep dippresion in Bay of Benagal and some people have broken the lakes, and the chennai look like islands. In tamil nadu the Cuddalore is the worst affected district. In last years rain above 200 people have died.
River Palar
But now the rain is not the problem, The problem is for River Palar, which grows in Andhra Pradesh and flown in TamilNadu. I have seen water runing in this river 10 years back, but for the last 10 years, the sand lorrys are runing in this river and many Private Water lorry owners are putting bores in the banks of Palar and suppling warter to chennai. In last year rain, the Palar recived some waters. In this situation the Andhra Pradesh government have planed to construct a Dam across Palar. Already the Tamil Nadu government is strugling to get water from Karnataka and Kerala. Every year we beg Karnataka to open the water form its dam which constructed across River Cavery. Cavery birth place is Coorg district in Karnataka. The central government has introduced a Cavery inspection team to slove the problem and get the share of water to Tamil Nadu, but the karnataka Government is not compensationing with this team. Because of Karnataka's decision, the river cavery was drought, lakhs of hectare farm lands are getting wast, and lakhs of people are afecting in hunger and abstinence, some times the poor people taking the pioson and killing themself.

Tamil nadu also have a problem with kerala, in sharing the Mullai Periyar River water. The Periyar birth place is Tamil Nadu, but it goes into Kerala and then comes into Tamil Nadu. The Kerala government has constucted a dam across this river (Periyar Dam) in Idukki distict and dint allow to increase the dam hight and release water. So some heacter of farm lands are affected. Now the problem stars form Andhra pradesh. When they construct a dam across Palar River, north Tamil Nadu will compulsory affect. and the main water base for Vellor district in Tamil Nadu. when last year december, when President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam said the only way to solve the drought and flood is to join all rivers in the country, when Kalam's thought comes true, the farmlands and people will get a good future from this river. when the Andhra Pradesh government construct a Dam, it is a work opposite of Nature. It is very rare to see water run in Palar river,when the water runs in palar the surrounding areas Land water lever will rise, when they constuct a dam, we have to lost a river and we also have to strugle with Andhra Pradesh Govt to release water when ever we want. Andhra Pradesh Government's decision is wast of money, so they should withdraw their aim of constructing a Dam across this river Palar, and spent the Money to do good things for poor people, at least they can earn the Vote from them, in next Assemble Election.


monu said...

i dread water problems
the only advantage of living in suburbs is that we have ground water..... and hope we continue to have it

lil _kath said...

Same problem with my country Philippines...poor people begging for help but those corrupt people in government are just busy for themselves. They only need the people when election time is coming, but not doing their part for them.

Shuuro said...


when this issue was raised by Jayalalitha, Principle Secretary for Irrigation Mr Sharma has made it clear that there is no such proposal before the government. Since Palar river is a inter state river, so as per inter-State agreement, it is necessary for AP govt to take permission from both Karnataka and TN Govts before they advance on this reservoir project. Other thing is, that annual inflows of this river is meager to store 2 tmcft, so feasibility of this project is questionable even at the local level. I'm not following TN politics closely, so i dont know why Jayalalitha made this statement about construction of this reservoir.

On your other statement about dams, i think we need more dams, specially when approximately 90 percent of river water flows waste into sea. Problems which we are facing is not due to dams but lack of them and selfishness of states. We need to undertake interlinking of rivers, there should be proper guidelines in amount of water usages by states and in large scale we should start rain water harvesting programs across the region.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Linking of all the rivers is a good solution for the entire Nation. Actually alternatives are very few..and if the politicians and policy makers go for Brain transplants...this will become their first agenda..rather than worrying about 'Tamil panpadu' and 'Culture'.

That said...For Chennai, I am still not sure, why they go for Desalination plants.!

revatechnic said...

Jeevan, that was a very good post..
and very informative too..
Adutha MLA padhavi ungkalukku fix pannalaama??

No but seriously, thanks for the post Jeevan, I didn't understand what they meant about the complicated water situation in Tamil Nadu until now.

tulipspeaks said...

its sad to see people fighting among each other for basic essential item such as water... no, it doesn't happen here..and i wish it never will..

i can understand how hard it is.. but jeevan, i'm sure you know better..

water is state government's issue..when here..but when comes a water crisis, i feel the federal (central, in your case) should step in..

goverment is for people..not, people for the government..

hugss.. a good post :)


Ferocious Killer Kat said...

nice informative post. I am unaware of what is generally going on in south india. Thanks for the post.

praveen said...

i agree with amutha, jeevan..i also feel that the central government must step in to resolve these issues..that is when they stop being soo corrupt..

Jeevan said...

Monu - Thanks, In City we have only salt water from the Ground, Now we are living near the Border of Chennai city, now we dint have water problem.

Kathy - Its True.:)

Jeevan said...

Shuuro - In Tamil Channels they did show the announcement of Mr.Sharma. Why jayalalithaa raised this issue because, we have experience in buying water form nighbouring States like Karnataka and Kerala, so that's why we are fearing, that AP will also do the same after they construct a Dam. I also know that constructing a Dam is very useful, why we built Dam, when we need water urgent, we can take from dams, But the State governments are not leaving water when we are in Water Problem.

Venkitu - When we search for linking rivers, sure, we can find the way, but all politician are only taking, but not doing anything. When we all do the Rain water havesting properly, we can deffinetly control the Water Problem. Now for atleast a year, the chennai will not face any water problem i think, because of the recent rain.

Jeevan said...

Reva - Thanks Friend. Ennaku MLA Pathavi vanam enakku MP pathavi thaan venum. :)

Amutha - we put vote for government to do some thing good for public people, but they are only consentrating on there Post and Party. In aliance government, we cant do any thing on our own, when we put a plan for project, the first protest is from Aliance party. Thanks.

Jeevan said...

Kunsjoi - Thanks a lot Friend.

Praveen - Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

jeevan you are a great ma......

Anonymous said...

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