Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bore and Happy days

For a week long my computer indicating me there is a virus in my system, but I dint care about it. On Tuesday 3rd my computer hanged and dint open. We call the service and he closed the virus and reinstalled my system, but he can’t connect the internet, he and I tried to connect the line, no use, today came and reinstalled the internet and system and we got the connection. For five days it was very bore, all schools are open, my cousin kids also gone.

This week I had drawn a lovely drawing, of Titanic, will post it here soon. On Wednesday went to Prathana Drive-in to watch Aaru. They can chance the name Aaru as Aaruva, because the main artist of this movie is Aaruva. Surya is handling different getups in every movie; in Aaru Surya is act like an original slum guy. Trisha looks beautiful in this movie, she is very nice is the song Pakkatha enna Pakkatha… in sari. At least in this films Trisha has some sceans to act.

I am spending at least 45 minutes every day in front of my new home, there is a open space have some plants and water was standing, everyday I am seeing different birds, Crane’s, I think there should be some small fishes in that water that’s why the birds are coming, hear some good and new sounds from birds and some beauty full butterflies drinking honey form the flowers. These thinks give me new feel and have a change. I also saw, water snake and two mongooses. The main things I like in my new home is cute kids, there was a small kid name Soundhariya very nice girl, having a beautiful smile on her face every time, some times call me Anna, Anna. Nice to see them playing and driving cycle.

Yesterday a interesting cycle race happen between kids, in this Soundhariya and another kid sitting on the cycle and two girls push them, in 2nd round the two girls pushed the Soundhariya’s cycle and gone some were, the another kid started crying, and got angry went near to the wall and crying for long time, when some one go near her, she start cry loudly, it is very hard to control and peace her. I also experienced like this in my small age. One day my brother and neighboring friend gone some where in my cycle, I waited for long time, and they dint came. I go to my father and cried that Jayanth (my brother) and Karthik (neighboring friend) were gone some were in my cycle and said I want the cycle now, my father try to peace me, but I dint hear his world and fall down and rolled on the floor and cry. I remember that incident when I saw the kids yesterday.


revatechnic said...

Can't wait to see your titanic...
Your home must be really nice... All the kids, the birds, the pond (Or is it a lake?) all seem so beautiful.
Great thing you got your internet connection back.
Was wondering how come your blog was so quiet the pass few days.

Shuuro said...

That explains your absence from blogging and We should never ignore threat of virus. Nice to see you back and Your description of your house surroundings is interesting!.

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

nice to hear about your experiences jeevan. also good to know u have your internet connection back! welcome back to blogging :)

WA said...

Welcome back Jeevan. Agree with Reva, your neighbourhood sounds lovely. To be able to hear birds in Chennai is a treat

awakeningcoma said...

Enjoying the new house ,vazhkaiyai anubhavichu vazhzanum.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Glad to know that your computer is up and running Jeevan.

Its a blessing to live around nature..and not concrete.!! Its always Heartwarming to listen to nature/birds sunrise/sunsets.!

Yeah, I've been thru such incidents too ( like the soudharya/cycle incident)!! Memories.!!!

Look forward to see your drawings.!!

Jeevan said...

Reva - will scan the drawing soon, and will put. Yes my new home is very nice, it is not the pond or lake, it is just a open flat. i got very bored, with out see you all.

Shurro - the virus is a big problem for me. Thanks, the surrounding is very good.

Kunsjoi - Thanks Friend. nice to see u all back

Jeevan said...

Angel - it was a very lovely surrounding. Thanaks Friend.

awakening - correcta sonna friend.

Venkitu - but i am not satisfied with my computer friend, because i cant read your kavithai in Win98. yes early morning the climate is very nice. sure i will post soon.

Balaji S Rajan said...


Nice to know that your computer was not working for 5 days. Otherwise, you would not have watched those kids playing, birds chirping, and many things happening outside your house. Sorry to know about the kids behaviour. Most of the kids around the world are like that.

Jeevan said...

Balaji - is true, if my computer work good, i have missed the kids play and the birds. Thanks friend.

Anonymous said...

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