Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stop action opposite Nature.

Last year December and this year, the frost is very high in Chennai. In Chennai two weeks back there was a very high frost in the morning, we can see the sun only after 8.30am. Because of this the normal morning was affected, many people who travel on vehicles have put there lights and drive. The frost is not only high in Chennai, it is very high in Delhi, Haryana and some North India; many trains have start there work after the frost come low, some flights have also take off only after the frost gets low. In Srinagar the Famous Dal Lake was freeze by snow for the first time, the Highways between Jammu & Srinagar was covered by snow and travel was fully ban on this road, the normal life was badly affected and many people were died in heavy cold. When I was thinking about the recent heavy frost, I was really felt sad for the people who are affected by Earthquake in Jammu & Kashmir and the people of PoK. We have good houses and some times use heater to protect us form the cool, but they have lost the house and live in shelter, I don’t know how they are tackling (samalikkerangalo in tamil) this heavy frost and snow fall. Not only the India was facing heavy snow, the European Countries like London, France, Germany are also affected. In Siberia the temperature were very low at minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit, many roads were filled by snow and many cars are struck in snow. In East Asia the China and Japan faced the heavy snow falls after a long years. Why the frost and snow fall are very high now, compare to last year?

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TamilPonnu said...

Got milk? I like the milk mustache... that was funny

awakeningcoma said...

kalaila romba kuliruthupa, thaanga mudiyala

Jeevan said...

tamil ponnu - No, i dint get milk. thanks.

awakening - enakku athathaan.