Monday, August 14, 2006


Even though there can be fight between us now,
But when we were struggling for freedom.
We all have protested consensually
and brought the Independence.
So we can’t leave you friends
and relatives who are living there,
even though you celebrate the Independence Day,
before a day we celebrate.
It’s our Indian's nature to wish you a.

Happy Independence Day my dears from INDIA & PAKISTAN.

Before we wave the Tricolour this Independence Day, let we understand what it means.

The world others are using flags too. Somewhere a signalman has stopped a train with his red flag. A soldier is ending a battle by holding up the white flag of surrender. A few weeks ago, football fans held up flags to support players at the FIFA World Cup. They are all communicating in one of the oldest ways ever through the language of flags.

The Indians and the Chinese invented flags nearly 3000 years ago. Since then flags have conveyed all kinds of messages. Initially they bore the insignia of Asian and European kings. Peasants always knew a nobleman by his flag. The flag of Richard the Lionheart had three lions on it. By the 15th century, countries had their own flag. Every nation's flag is a coded message about the country's culture and history. Former British colonies like India and the U.S. have horizontal stripes on their flags. Former French colonies usually have vertical-striped flags take Canada for instance. Islamic nations like Pakistan have green in their flags. Communist countries like China use red.

Flags have other meanings too. The white flag with a red cross indicates medical aid and is used by the Red Cross Society. A yellow flag signals an infectious disease, and a red one danger. Every seafarer fears the ship that flies the Jolly Roger the black flag with the skull and crossed bones used by pirates. Even the position of a flag tells a tale. Ships fly their flags upside down when they are in trouble. The flag of the winning country at the Olympics flies higher than the rest. But all the flags in front of the United Nations headquarters fly at the same height, for, all nations are equal. Ships have a system of communication using flags at different positions. This is called semaphore. A flag may look like a simple, brightly patterned piece of cloth. But it tells a complex story.

About our Flag

The Indian flag was designed as a symbol of freedom. The late Prime Minister Nehru called it a flag not only of freedom for us, but a symbol of freedom to all people. The flag is a horizontal tricolor in equal proportion of deep saffron on the top, white in the middle and dark green at the bottom. The ratio of the width to the length of the flag is two is to three. In the centre of the white band, there is a wheel in navy blue to indicate the Dharma Chakra, the wheel of law in the Sarnath Lion Capital. Its diameter approximates the width of the white band and it has 24 spokes. The saffron stands for courage, sacrifice and the spirit of renunciation; the white, for purity and truth; the green for faith and fertility.

When we salute the flag this Independence Day, we are keeping up a tradition. The Tricolour will remind us of your nations past and our present way of life, we will be speaking the language of flags.



priya said...

Jeev: Me first. Wish you the same and hold up to be an Indian.

Syam said...

Happy Independance Day to U and ALL :-)

Balaji S Rajan said...


I appreciate your Patriotism. Love is needed on earth at this moment. If everyone starts loving other, and spread it then any hatred will go away.

My days(Gops) said...

happy independence day Jeevan...

Proud to be an INDIAN too........

indianangel said...

Very good post Jeevan! Wish you a happy Independence day at the same time beware of nitpicks and strangers who are always ready to cheat you. It happened to my friend during last independence day when he was getting down at Delhi Rlwy station: a woman immediately sticked the Indian flag on his shirt, and asked him to pay for it. He finally ended paying for that too! Arrgh! It made him feel when we are going to improve ever?

Aatma said...

Happy Independence Day to everyone. Freedom the most precious gift our ancestors gave it to us, Let us cherish it, Let us respect it.

Keshi said...

Happy Independence Day Jeevan!


smiley said...

happy Independence day, Jeevan :)

starry nights said...

Happy independance day Jeevan. thanks for sharing all the info on flags.

KK said...

Vande Mataram! Jai Hind!!

Ven said...

Jai Hind...

dumbdodi said...


Gaurav Jain said...

Hey Jeevan!

I too am proud to be an Indian citizen, and it was good to learn some interesting things about the flags and their history from your post. Nice description of the Indian flag too :)

Happy Independence day to you!!


Ferocious Killer Kat said...

Happy independence day!!!

Jeevan said...

Priya – Thanks, Happy Independence:)

Syam – Thanks wish u the same.

Balaji – Thanks friend. I agree with u:)

Gops – Same to u. Proud to born in this mud.

Indianangel – Thanks, money for sticking the Indian Flag, shame!

Aatma – Same to u dear:)

Keshi – Thank you

Jeevan said...

Smiley – Thanks Friend, same to u. short time after here:)

Starry – Thanks

KK – Happy Independence

Ven – Happy Independence

Dumbdodi – Jai Hind

Gaurav – Hi Welcome here:) Thanks so much. Happy Independence.

Kunsjoi – Same to u friend:)

Shuuro said...

Happy Independence day jeevan!. My Independence day was great, never had such before!. Had spend time building rooms with people who are really something, each one had some story to tell. You should had been with us, you have missed a lot!

lil _kath said...

Happy Independence Day Jeevan ^_^ and to all fellow Indians here...


Pavithra said...

Nice post. It was nice of u to post the significance of our flag..I can never forget those 3 lines..a beautiful significance.

Jeevan said...

Shuuro – Thanks and Wish u the same:) I have miss to join with u friends. I saw the video of CNN-IBN very proud to see your works, hats of to Bhumi:)

Kathy – Thank you:)

Pavi – Thanks friend.

Ghost Particle said...

Vande Mataram...happy Independance day to India, my motherland.