Friday, August 04, 2006

Mistakes make me fear

As u all know that my caliper was broken and it’s gone a month I walked. Waiting for 2 week for the guy to make the caliper and finally he brought it last night. In my first view itself I thought this one should be difficult for me, as I thought it has many difference compare to my last one. I can’t even stand with that, and it was weight too. Really I was feared, that I have lost my balance or its caliper’s problem. When we compare with last one, this one was very broad and some curves are tight and some are loose. So again he took it for correction, I don’t how many days he will took for correct the mistake. My mom was also worried, when I can’t stand on that. I think if he brought back also, it will take at least a month to settle with that. I pray it should not be very hard for me to walk with the new. I missed my walk and lose the walking freedom for a month long now.


வேதா said...

dont worry jeev:) jus get it corrected till it suits u.

KK said...

Sorry to know about your calipers..Hope you get it soon. Don't worry you will be able to walk fine with the new calipers.

Movie Mazaa said...

dont ya worry, Jeev!
its gonna work out perfect!

gP said...

dont worry jeevan, you will certainly walk...just be patient. ANd dont worry about making mistakes. Its part of life, and challanges are part of life too. I do feel about your inability but dont worry, we are all for you.

My days(Gops) said...

dont worry will be ok very soon...

Prasanna Parameswaran said...

Hey, that will really suit u well!
But you know what, you got the best weapon that most dont have - "Self Confidence" - which carries you, makes you fly and what not.
So no worries buddy, its only a matter of 2-3 days before you get used to it!

Flora Pang said...

mistakes scare me too! I left my cellphone on and put it in my bag the other day without locking the keys, and the stupid cellphone spent like hours surfing the net...

Anonymous said...

It's better to have one that suits you than have something that u are not comfortable with. Everything will work good. Don't worry..

Kuntal Joisher said...

jeevan hoping for the best for u.. as most folks say.. everything will work out fine!!

Aatma said...

Don't worry Jeevan, it will work out completely fine.

Pavithra said...

Jeevan..its true that it takes some time to get adjusted to new things. And never compare it with your old one, it will never be the same..sometimes it would turn out to be better :-). Cheers and don't worry !!

Balaji S Rajan said...

Jeevan I wish it comes quickly and you get back to walking. Do not worry everything will be alright.

Kathy said...

... relax Jeevan, everything's gonna be fine ^_^

... enjoy weekend and Happy Friendship Day again! take care!


Gladtomeetin said...

Hey Belated Bday wishes :-)) Have a gr8 year ahead!

Unknown said...

Hang in there Jeevan, fingers crossed he fixes it properly this time.

Jeevan said...

Veda – your comment is like solace for me friend, should do.

KK – me too hope like u, let me see:)

Velu – you are telling, lets see dear:)

GP – yes bro u r right too, challenges are part of life, will do my deep attempt to walk with the new caliper.

Gops – thanks for u r solace :)

Indianangel – thanks for your encourage friend:), I too feel, my years experience on this will not fail.

Flora – my dad also did the same he just on the cellphone and forget to off it and kept on his table. The month bill was high. Mistakes are to learn, hope I will learn.

Jeevan said...

Karthik – thanks for your solace

Kunsjoi – Thanks friend, happy that u are returning to blogging:)

Aatma – Thank you friend:)

Pavi – “”sometimes it would turn out to be better”” I will be very happy with your words come true:)

Balaji – Thank you dear

Kathy – Thanks friend, same to you, lets enjoy the weekend:)

Gladtomeetin – Welcome here:) Thanks so much.

Angel (WA) – Me hope, he will do:)

dumbdodi said...

Oh jeevan.I am sure you will be fine, I will pray for you. Don't worry

monu said...

so how is it coming along now?
r u comfy now?

reminds me of the touhg times i had with ny new specs...
it used to glare a lot..
i think all new things need some time to get used to

how is it now for u?

R Girls said...

jeev - things will be good soon..take care buddy

Visithra said...

dont worry dear its just a little while longer -ull be up on ur feet soon

Jeevan said...

Dumbdodi – thanks so much :)

Monu – No pa, he has repaired the old one, so using that now. The new one was taken to corretion. Will tell u when it fit me.

Barbienan – Thanks friend.

Visith – thanks dear, hope it will be better soon:)

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