Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How chennai was discovered?

Old photo of chennai Central Railway station

In old movies, they will show the Central Railway station and the LIC building in Anna Salai to introduce the Chennai (Madras). Now there are many building higher then the LIC, we can see many Software companies in every corner of the city. Anna salai ones the horse carts was running through this road, and now many foreign comfortable cars are running. The history of the splendid buildings, and the growth of modern comfortable chennai are very long story. August 22nd (today) our chennai age was 367 years and celebrates Madras Day today. The chennai found like this:

British East Indian Company’s Francis day and Andrew Cogan this two persons created the chennai. Today’s chennai was called as chennaipatanam that time, and then it was called as madraspatanam. Before this, Mylapore, Tripilican, Thiruvanmiyur, Thiruvattriur and many areas are small villages, and chennaipatanam was looked like small small cities. Bushes, forest, trees are surrounded this cities in between the rivers like Cooum and Adyar were run. Above 2000 years of chennaipatanam was doing good business on fragrance cent and garments. After the Portuguese arrive, that started to grow. In 1552 Portuguese settled in Santhome and did business.

In chennaipatanam we got high price garment’s primary elements. By aiming on this the British like to kept they foot here. So they send the two-business man’s Francis day and Andrew Cogan to chennaipatanam. After coming to chennaipatanam they search for a land to build a Trade Center. For that they brought a limited land from the king of Poonthamalee Nayakar, in that land they built East India Company’s trade center and St.George Fort on 22nd August 1639. This marks to create the chennai.

Consider the security of the St.George Fort; they built a wall around the fort. After building the Fort many Europeans came and built houses around the areas of St.George Fort and that part was called as white pattenam. In the outer places, weavers form Andhra settled and it was called as Blackpatnam. After some years this place was changed as George Town.

The northern parts of the St.Gerorge fort are called as chennaipatnam and southern part as Madraspatnam. British’s join these two patnams and called it Madraspatnam and Tamilans call it Chennaipatnam. In 1653 chennaipatnam, was changed as chennai province. After that in1702 Muhal’s, and in 1741 Marathi’s attacked it. In 1746 it was in the hand of French. After it was shifted to British hand, again in 1758 it came in French hand. But within 2 months the British redeemed it. After that, till 1947 the chennai province was in under British control.

Chennai province was renamed as Tamil Nadu in 1968. Like this the name Madras was changed as Chennai in 1997. Chennai city, which was grown as population of 30,000, have crossed 60 lakh (6milion) now. The chennai city was extending day-by-day. It was how the chennai discovered. The chennai, which was found on 1639, was reaching its 367 years of age. Every year the citizen of chennai celebrating Chennai (Madras) Day for a week long, there will be many functions this week, which tells about chennai and its tradition.

Click here to see the landmarks of chennai and some old photo of chennai in Our India blog.


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