Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How Wield am I and How about you?

My lovely Friend Arjuna has tagged me

Five Wierd things about me:

Kindle: If some one talk to me very kindle sure I will melt. This is the plus point for my cousins. If they need to get some work form me they used to flow the love, after their work is finish, they will not hear my words and just tell kojam iruna (just wait brother). If anyone tell me something kindle, I use to hope what they said is true. If I come to know that was false, I can’t control my mind, sit sadly and think, why are we so innocent, I dint have sense.

Obey the rules: (just like Anniyan ambi). It’s from my childhood. In school day, I like to go in time for school, in evening I expect my mom to be near gate as soon as our evening prayer finish. Because I don’t like to wait out side my school gate till she pickup me. I like to obey the traffic rules; it can be my dad or bro who ever it can be, if they cross the traffic rules I don’t like and scold. If some time the signal was in Red and road was empty, my dad tries to cross it, but I strictly tell him we should not. He show other’s for the example of against the rule, but I deny him that if they fall in the pit, we should also fall on that.

Care on films : I used to avoid seeing movies in piracy CD’s, every one of my family used to watch it, but I will not and scold them, if u continue watching the movies in CD, in a situation their will be no films to release. Who is hearing my words, I like to watch movies only in theater, but my bad luck, I can’t go to theaters, except Drive-in. so I have a policy, to watch movies in CD only after the movie cross 100th day of release. I also try to avoid downloading songs form Internet, and buy original.

Time: I am person who check the time every at least once in 15 or 20-minutes. I have fixed time for eat, read, watch TV, listen music, walking ect…. If some one tell me that I will finish this in this time, I expect it on time. It also fit for me. When I was suppose to do any work for others, the first thing I ask them was, when I have to finish it, so it will be easy for me to put plan and finish. If I have any disturbance in my plan, I get very angry, (some times I too have cried for it).

Sight: Is there any life with out sight. I am a young who likes to visit Beaches and restaurants every Sunday to Sight beautiful girls. What a beauties! Don’t know why the girls whom I look are very beautiful;). If we go beach, my dad used to go walking, so I was alone sitting in the car, and watching girls (I think there is nothing wrong, in seeing any person or any thing looks beautiful), who knows even my dream girl can be their. Not only seeing girls, what ever it can be, if it impress my hear I watch. I have much beautiful love and kissing dreams many days.

I am going to tag my dears
Monu (she was my favorite tagger:)
Syam (he is not posting any thing nowdays, i think he was busy in commenting first, so lets give him some work:)) )


KK said...

Nice tag Jeevan...
Same Pinch...I too dont like to download songs and watch movies on Piracy CD.
Syam is busy with his Natamai work...lets hope he comes back with this tag :)

Shuba said...

obey the rule...this was best jeevan!

V N said...

Hey Jeev
Great tag! U have done a wonderful job of it!!

And Thx buddy for tagging me. But I have already done this tag a month back!!
U can see it here, though in a different manner altogther!

Dont ya worry, am gonna take up the next tag that u r gonna stick on my back!!

Take care!

starry nights said...

I think you are a very kind, honest, organized person and you like to admire beautiful girls. no harm in that. beauty is to be admired like a sculpture.

Aatma said...

All are very positive qualites Jeevan including sight addikardhe ;) Way to go bro

Keshi said...

great qualities u have..especially the melting one...awww.


indianangel said...

Enzooy Sir! But dont to close to the beach Tsunami also like to sight humans every now and then! :)

susan said...

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karthik said...

Hello boss. Being kind, obeying rules are great qualities. Don't think of them as weird.. Maybe the world has come to such a stage where anyone with good qualities are considered weird..

Ghost Particle said...

hemm...hello Ambi are a well mannered person, whose in total control of your life! And thats extremely good! Loved your attitude.

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Syam said...

na etho oru orathula comment pottutu irukengna...enna tag panni... paarkalaam :-)

Pavithra said...

All good qualities Jeevan!! BTW, sight adikarathu is not weird . Will do ur tag ASAP.

priya said...

That was a neat tag Jeev.
/Don’t know why the girls whom I look are very beautiful;). /
Jeev: All women are beautiful in many different way. Its how we perceived and take it.

visithra said...

interesting - hows appa?

monu said...

hey Jeevan
thanks for tagging me.
hows ur father doing now?
hope he is getting better

and as for the first point, i just want to tell you that all of us are like that, aren't we?

we melt at kind words..we all do that....

The point is you helped someone, whether they meant what they said or not....
so cheer up....the world is pople with all kind of people, but that doesn't mean that there isn't anyone who doesn't truly love you....

Even without your own knowledge, your cousins might have already develeped care for you, for all the nice things that you are doing for them..

and thanks for calling me you favourtie tagging person

monu said...

and hey Jeevan, been a little busy at work , will post the tag by the end of today

Jeevan said...

KK – Thanks, Ok namba Natamai enna thierpu eluthurarunu thaan parkalam:)

Shuba – Thank u

Velu – me too have commented on the tag, sorry forget:) sure will tag u next time dear. Thanks.

Starry – Thanks so much:)

Aatma – some times these positive things make me very angry. Thanks Friend:)

Keshi – Thank you dear:)

Indianangel – Hahaha…. Sure will be careful keep one eye on the see too. Thank u:)

Susan – will try, when I like to fly.

Jeevan said...

Karthik – when we cross that, what to do? Doing wrong is weird know.

GP – Thanks brother, I am very clean in my way. Its better my life goes in this position, and not worst.

Gospal – thanks.

Syam – compulsariya pannanumnu avasiyam illai, ungaluku interest inruntha panuga thaliva:)

Pavi – Thanks, looking for u r day:)

Priya – Thank you. U r right, priya, all women are beauty:)

Visith – THanks pa. Appa is better now, improved in walking. Thanks for asking dear.

Monu – yaya, he is improving, thanks for all your prayers. I don’t have doubt on there love, but feel sad some time, if they dint here me. I too agree, every one feel like me.

Take your time monu…… hope the tag will be sweet and good:)

Jo said...

Hehe... nice reading your tags here budd! :-) Been a while.

Arjuna_Speaks said...

"why the girls whom I look are very beautiful;)"

ithu thaan super :D lol

tulipspeaks said...

aha.. i'm tagged!! let me think weird things about me..

i mean.. weird for others to see but its normal for me

1. i love to be be loved although it never seems to happen

2. my brain works the best after 10pm. so, i save all of my thesis and assignment work till after 10pm. if u have noticed, i published most of my blog posts in the night

3. i read the newspaper from beginning till end, leaf by leaf, no matter how its arranged

4. i like to be alone in my room. and i make sure i lock the door all the time

5. i put some coffee in my chocolate drink. thats the best beverage u can find in the whole world. believe me!


lil _kath said...

... ** Is there any life with out sight. I am a young who likes to visit Beaches and restaurants every Sunday to Sight beautiful girls. **

... aww cute Jeevan ^_^ those gals are lucky too to have ur look!

.. i like the way u fixed your time, its like japanese way... they're very strict about time so maybe thats why their country is very successful!

... enjoy weekend yaar!


Balaji S Rajan said...


Good to know your thoughts on few things. I liked most of them. It is a great principle of not watching pirate CD's and buying original audio cd's. I have that quality in me, but on knowing that downloading songs for personal use is not harm, I changed my opinion on it, though I still have lots of original CD's. This is my huge expense when I come to Chennai for holidays. Regarding 'beauty' and seeing something beautiful is not harm. I appreciate your frankness. There is nothing wrong in admiring beautiful girls. Enjoy your life. There are people who admire secretly fearing for shame. It is not shameful. If you develop admiring beauty, you will slowly possess all other qualities. Keep it up.

Jeevan said...

Jo – Thanks dear friend. I know you are been busy, its ok:)

Arjuna – Ha Ha thanks nanba:)

Amutha – thanks for taking my tag. Its very cool points, I too read newspaper form end till beginning. Ok will test the coffee with my fav drink one day:)

Kathy – Thanks so much sweet friend:) time fix has changed many activities in my life and its used to help me active and be touch in every thing. Nice to know that Japanese are like me;)

Happy weekend dear

Balaji –I do downloads for little old songs, will try to buy origal CD’s ok new songs. I agree with u beauty’s are to watch and make mind happy. Thank you friend, for appreciating my habits:)

susan said...

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dumbdodi said...

Dear Jeevan. You are a good boy!!! Every time i read your blog, I think you are so special and honest. God bless with you everything you want!!!

Jeevan said...

dumbdodi - Thanks a lot friend:)