Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Enemies

Mosquito!! Mosquito!! If we tell this name in chennai every one fear like hearing some terrorist name. Like how it threat’s our people. For this we also not an exception. Our latest enemy is blood-sucking Mosquitoes, in our place after 6pm we are like home arrest people, can’t go out of our house, if we open our door there will be a bunch of mosquitoes waiting like war soldiers to attack us. You know we are putting separate budget for these small mosquitoes. There are thick plants in front of our house (un constructed ground!), in the recent rain many mosquitoes have hatch eggs in the plants and developed they kids. In day times we can’t see any, but when the sky get dark, they come out, and start they work. We use many Tec nick to kill them, but no use, they are very strong. You know they are brilliant actors, if we spray the Hit medicine on them, they used to fall down and when the power goes they started to dance. Then we use the coil, even thought to no use, when the time reach 6 switch on the liquidators, the only medicine protect us form the Mosquito’s are Odomos, before we leave to seep we use this cream on our hands, legs, and face to avoid the bite. Last night found a new way of treatment, by taking the mosquito mat in a compus, burn the mate and spread the smoke all over the room, with in 15 minutes every one fall down we sweep it and put it outside the house. Even though we put mosquito net for windows.

Why we (the people of Tamil Nadu) suddenly afraid of mosquitoes now? Chikungunya.

As of August 2006, nearly 1 lakh people were affected in Tamil Nadu, by this new disease, Chennai, is one of the worst affected. Mostly this disease are worst in suburbs of chennai like kottivakam (just a 200 meter form my house), thorappakam, kanthanjavadi, Thambram ect…for this many child’s are affected. News had come that 2 kids were died in this disease in north chennai, but the health minister who objected this news said that Chikungunya has affected Tamil Nadu 40 years ago. Now the patients who affected by this disease, has reached 1200 a day in chennai & its suburbs. In south & western districts of TN the disease is spreading quickly. The sad thing was without knowing the seriousness of the dieses the politicians are arguing about the previews government, and hiding the truth. The central health minister as an MP form TN, not bringing the seriousness of this, we can’t get full relief form the disease. As we are near the monsoon, if they dint control the disease now, the situation will be worst.

What is Chikungunya? Chikungunya is a relatively rare form of viral fever caused by an alpha virus that is spread by mosquito bites from the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Its attacks? Infection in Aedes aegypti salivary glands is symptomatic and life long. Humans are subjected to severe joint pain. Transmitted by Aedes aegypti in human transmission highly infectious. Characterized by sudden onset of chills and fever, headache, arthralgia, arthritis and rash. Many rarely cause hemorrhagic fever, esp. in children. Few deaths, though symptoms may persist for several weeks. Currently there are no vaccines available. Be careful on mosquitoes, that all I can tell!!


dOne said...

Jeevan as Nana said "Saala, ek Machar Aadmi ko Hijra banata hai"

My suggestions:
1. Do put a think layer of mosquito-repellant cream.
2. Walk with a Tortoise Brand Machar Agarbati.
3. Stay behind net.
4. And drink plenty of Coke or pepsi

Just kidding, I totally understand the plight of Chennaites, we Bombayites can very well relate to it


Anonymous said...

Help ..Help ..

ven said...

Govt must do lot for this..
Generally Poor ppls suffering lot against this.
We must keep our places very clean.

வேதா said...

chikungunya is spreading fast in chennai, these type of mosquitoes bite only in day time. so we shuld be more careful avoiding dirty puddles around our houses, and also in public places.

V N said...


A very thoughtful post indeed!! gawd! the kind of viral attacks that have been ravaging the lace, of late are unbelievable, to say the least. First we had rat fever, then Dengue fever and now this chicken thingy. The other day everyone kept off me, since I told them i had a pain beneath my knee. LOL. Supposed to be a symptom of the new fever on the block. The pain has long been gone, and people have started moving back!! ;) :)))

KK said...

Jeevan...take care from these chikungunya mosquitoes...Hope the govt does something soon, before its too late...

dumbdodi said...

Yes..Jeevan like 'done' from B'bay I am originally from b'bay too and I can understand exactly how you feel.
Usually hit works..though its the most repelling smell in the hwole world...but I think mosquiotoes have gone through mutation and are now strong enough to face hit.
I have heard so many of relatives who went down with chikungunya in hyderabad careful my friend

Arjuna_Speaks said...

i thought chicken gunya is got by eating chicken :D LOL

Vinesh said...

Che indha pombalainga tholla thaanga mudiyala..

Even malaria is caused only by female anopheles mosquito.

Jeevan said...

Done - Haha what a suggestions!! Recently I got sms a boy drink poison and said to mosquitoes come and bite now u all dead. Welcome here:)

Ven – we kept our place clean, but the mosquitoes come form the thick plants surround our place. Govt should spray medicines on the unclean place.

Veda – yes I too agree! Even the Dengue fever’s come form the daytime mosquitoes. I saw a different mosquito here, which has 2 lines on his back.

Velu – I have a hope that fever mosquito will not bite me:) Hope u place is very safe.

KK – let’s hope. Union health minister is very busy with 27 % OBC quato for medical student; he should show the same concentration on this.

Dumbdodi – even many of our relative’s also suffering form this fever. The are very strong, if we sent them to war, the enemy soldiers will run:))

Arjuna – hehehe… My grandma said not to eat or buy chicken, she thought Chikungunya diseas comes form chicken:)

Vinesh – Hahaha….. is there any way to find the male and female mosquito, if any one knows it will be usefull:))

smiley said...

jeevan, mosquitoes are really scary. one thing is u can spray some kerosene on the puddles... by ur house and that will kill the larvae.
the second thing we do is catch a few mosquitoes and bite them real hard. once they know that we can also bite back they usually don't bother us :)

indianangel said...

Gereat post! Kosukkalukku emano illiyo tortoise its really a health hazard to humans who have respiratory problems!

lil _kath said...

yeah, mosquitos are scary na ;(;( and the diseases like malaria and dengue fever they bring to human.

Raj said...

Thanks for the post. Im surprised to see that this is getting very little media coverage. Its time to spend more time on educating people on epidemics such as these rather than talk about some politician's boring comments in the Lok Sabha.