Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pledge and a Blog on India

Kalam has suggested 7 promises for the youth to remember for the India’s development 2020, in his last night Independence Day Speech in Television. Let we also take the promise for our Nation on this Independence Day.

1. I realize, I have to set a goal in my life. To achieve the goal, I will acquire the knowledge, I will work hard, and when the problem occurs, I have to defeat the problem and succeed.

2. As a youth of my nation, I will work and work with courage to achieve success in all my tasks and enjoy the success of others.

3. I shall always keep my home, surroundings, my neighbourhood, environment and myself clean and tidy.

4. I realize righteousness in the heart leads to beauty in the character, beauty in the character brings harmony in the home, harmony in the home leads to order in the nation and order in the nation leads to peace in the world.

5. I will lead an honest life free from all corruption and will set an example for others to adopt a righteous way of life.

6. I will light the lamp of knowledge in the nation and ensure that it remains lit forever.

7. I realize, whatever work I do if I do the best, I am contributing towards realizing the vision of developed India 2020.

I have start a Blog about Our India (click here), where I like to write about India’s history, its culture, development, struggle, achievements, wonders, current issues ect... This blog is aimed on children’s to know more about India. Hope to give good information’s for them and u. Pls recommend your kids or your friend’s children’s to visit the Blog (Our India)


visithra said...

Independence Day wishes to all Indian Citizens

dumbdodi said...

Happy independence day and thanks again for the president's message. I will try and send you some interesting information for your india blog if possible. For starters I have posted translation of our national anthem on my blog.

priya said...

Jeev: They are all good one for the youth and anyone who wanna lead a good life. Thanks for sharing.

Gaurav Jain said...

Those promises are really worth keeping, and good luck on your "Our India" blog.

lil _kath said...

... nice list and hopin' for the best in India.

...goodluck for the new blog dear!


Syam said...

Good one dude...good luck for OUR INDIA :-)

KK said...

Our India is a nice idea Jeevan...Will read and also recommend to people. Great Work!!

indianangel said...

Awesome post! I will definitely recommend this blog to others!

Pavithra said...

Nice post .. Why only for children?..even we don't know our history well.

tulipspeaks said...

Happy Independence Day, jeevan :)


smiley said...

Go on Jeevan, learning a lot from your blog :)

Jeevan said...

Visith – Thanks dear:)

Dumddodi – Thank you. Pls welcome, it will be very nice if u send some interesting info to our blog:) I will check the translation.

Priya – Thanks

Gaurav – Thanks you:)

Kathy – Thank so much dear. Hope to see a developed Indian before 2020.

Syam – Thanks dear:)

KK – Thanks Friend, hope to bring nice post about India.

Indianangel – Thank u

Pavi – Thanks, its not only for children’s but also for us:)

Amutha – Thanks ammu

Smiley – Thanks dear friend:)