Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sweet evening again

It’s been a while
the green and thick leaves
of plants hide the sights
of the sunsets and the blue sky
as color of orange.

The reddish lights
form the king Sun,
fall on my forehead and wink
my eyes to darkness for seconds.
Came a back, late evening
by cutting those branches.

The end of metropolis
The species birds are even the Parrot,
Crossover our head by giving fare.
Quite differect sound, unfound bird
The black queens (crow) fare was too,
Make the evening a special

A cute Cinderella in her golden skirts
From a few feet away in her unrefined speech,
Calls her buddy to spend evening a playful.
Cute little ammu, has started her speech
Attention towards play has increased
Is one a more entertainment to the evening.

A terrace, a girl with her book
Taking the breezes,
Walks here there, by playing
With a ball and her hair.
Have aware many times
An unanswered question? Is
Is she seeing me?


Nirek said...

Definitely she will be seeing you! Best wishes!

pria said...

That was such a sweet post jeev.

starry nights said...

Lovely poem Jeevan.. I think she sees you. she is just pretending to be reading.:)

mysorean said...

I am sure sure she sees you! :) Brilliant post!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dude, she is seeing you... Congrats :) Kalakureenga Jeevan!!

Keshi said...

Ur cute Cinderella will come ard Jeevan...just find that glass slipper na ;-)


visithra said...

lovely poem

i especially like this line

An unanswered question?
Is she seeing me?

Anonymous said...

awww sweet post jeevan... i simply luv it!

Ghost Particle said...

serene, so realistic. Brother, you are good! Every line tells a story.

Queen said...

Wonderful one Jeevan. Its a very professional way to end a poem with a question. Keep going. Pop into my page when you ahve time.

Syam said...

yellorum ipdiye yethi vittu yethi vittu...jeevan ethukum double confirm pannikka :-)

மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

jeevan, english paattellam ezhuthi pattayai kilappureyeppaa... Good poem :-))

Anonymous said...

Nice poem !! Love brings out a poet in us huh? be it a mother, lover, child or nature !!
Is she watching you? Clarify and let us know too ;-)

Vinesh said...

I see you've become a poet since the last time I visited your blog! :-)

Nice one..

Prashant said...

Nice Poem buddy.....
so if we have got so much in common....we are friends now......

Jeevan said...

Satu – I think so:)

Pria – Thanks.

Starry – Thanks Friend, :)

Adi – Thanks dear.

KK – really:) Thank u.

Keshi – that kid is very cute. Glass slipper:D

Visith – Thanks dear :)

Jeevan said...

Kathy – Thank you, I know u love it:)

GP – Thanks a lot bro! Your poems too inspiring me:)

Queen – Sure will check you blog ur recent jokes are very good. Will put a comment later. Thank you:)

Syam – ippa 3 days’a yarraium kanum. Ok thala will check is she really seeing me or not.

Muthu – Romba nandringana:)

Pavi – sure will bring here if she really saw me! Thanks, that true:)

Vinesh – Thanks dear friend

Prashant – Thanks Friend, ya!