Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bhogi day

The 4 days of Pongal celebrations has end! As I can tell this year I had a best pongal’s forever, my parents agreed with me to celebrate it with my wishes. The Bhogi plan was to wake up early and visit my cousin’s bhogi celebration, but when we reach, he was sleeping and my aunty has burned some thing. I have noticed some Bhogi fire’s near my place and took some pictures, it was funny to click the fire that the kids were asking are u from SunTv. Even though the pollution board and police warned of burning tyre, I saw some used the tyres to burn, but the awareness has helped the people, compare to last years this year the smoke was low and the fog was little. This would be the first time I went to beach early morning after my childhood, the place was very silent, many were going walking and got a good view of sunrise. I should tell I give my mom more stress to draw big Kolam before the gateway, some of my neighbors have gone to their homeland in their cars, so we got much space to put big kolams. I need to share more about my pongal and Mattu pongal, will do it in my next post ok. (click on the pic to see big)






Anonymous said...

first commennt...

Anonymous said...

nijama unga fotos ellam parkaracha than enakku new year n pongal n bogi effect varudhu manasula...

blated pongal wishes jeeva..

Anonymous said...

wow bro. chennai- pongal is very different from the kind celeberated in my town and village side.
Bhogi has not significance in my side :(

tulipspeaks said...

we dont really celebrate bhogi down here. just suriya ponggal. some ppl do celebrate maatu ponggal and kanni ponggal.


visithra said...

nice photos jeevan - very beautiful kolam - do tell your mum for me ;)

ammus right we dont celebrate bhogi here - but we do celebrate all 3 ponggal days but the other 2 is normally in the temples only ;)

geetha said...

Yeah, nice kolams. I haven't seen any bhogi celebration here..

SKM said...

wow! amma's kolam is really convey this to her.Bhogi ivvalo nalla celebrate saivangala?

Jeevan said...

Ramya – Take the Chakkara Pongal as my gift for being first here:D Thanks a lot Friend:) hope u had a nice time on Pongal!

Nirek – compare to city’s villages celebrate the Bhogi well, even it would be pollution less. What about ur pongal day?

Amutha – I C! Nowadays celebrating Bhogi has reduced here, but it was welcoming one as the pollution increases by this.

Visith – Thank you dear:) I told ur comment to her, she happy! We celebrate the Mattu pongal ones my grandpa has bulls, but after he left the bulls we stopped. But this year I went to a village to see it.

Geetha – Thanks! Already the two Malaysian has said this above:)

SKM – Thanks for your praise on my mom’s kolam:) In my child days I used celebrate it well with neighbors, but every thing has changed now and the celebrations has also decreased.